Political institutions visit – Sardinia

13-20 of May, 2014
A delegation of the European representation of the HDP party went on an official visit of institutions in Sardinia. They were first received by Stefano Mannironi, deputy mayor of Nuoro, who gave an account of his experience during the Newroz of march 2014and the last local elections of the 30th of March 2014. As well as congratulating the results of the BDP, he underlined the importance of the role that women play in kurdish politics and the co-presidency system. Highlighting the fact that violence was still rife in large parts of kurdistan regarding women’s place in politics. He also talked about the importance of the cities popular assemblies as a last chance for the people to have a voice in mayoral decision making. Thus, congratulating the BDP’s participative system.

Later, the delegation visited the Siniscola Assocation of the city of Circolo Zente Nova.

Salvator Drago gave his experience during the elections of last march, giving clear evidences that there were fraud and pressions by the military in a village close to Mardin during that day.

At the university of Cagliari, Laura Tocco, a political science student gave a lecture one the political situation of Turkey today and the kurdish question. She also spoke of the latest mining catastrophes.

Mr. Doru then gave a speech on the kurdsih history since 1920. Regarding today’s issues he concentrated on the Syrian war and its international involvement. Explaining the different fronts created on hand by Turkey, NATO and its Arab allies on one side and by Syria, Russia and Iran on the other, underlining the fact that the Syrian kurds had been able to put a participative democracy in place. Within 800km2, three independent cantons have been set up. Local governments reflecting the multi ethnic reality of this area have managed the local economy and the army. In the canton of Cizire where 120000 people live, kurdish, arab, armenian and assyro-chaldean people are the official languages of the government.

Furthermore, Mr. Doru also spoke about the peace process between the PKK and Turkey, he underlined the regular visits from parliamentaries of the BDP to Mr. Ocalan, the mountains of Qandil, accompanied by turkish representatives. He pointed out that unfortunately, even though these negotiations were fruitful, they were very slow in order to solve the kurdish question.

Once again, after giving some geopolitical facts regarding water and oil in kurdistan, Mr. Doru explained how vital the situation in West Kurdistan  was for Turkey and the PKK. He stressed that the only solution would be a pacific one, and that self-governance would be put in place even if Turkey does not act.