HDP deputies on hunger strike in front of UN

DTK (Democratic Society Congress) co-president and HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Şırnak deputy Selma Irmak, Van MP Kemal Aktaş, Istanbul deputy Sebahat Tuncel and former MEP Feleknaz Uca, a current member of the executive board of the DTK, have started hunger strike in front of the United Nations building in Geneva to call attention to the ongoing attacks of ISIS gangs on the Kobanê Canton of West Kurdistan. Speaking at a statement to the press here, the co-president of DTK, Selma Irmak, said the silence of international powers at the humanitarian tragedy in Rojava in general and in Kobanê in particular was unacceptable. Irmak, reminding that she had carried out some observations in Kobanê before coming to Geneva, called attention to the determined struggle given there, adding; “Against ISIS, international powers remain contended with just watching and holding forth on democracy. This means nothing while Kurds are facing massacre.” She stressed that the YPG (People’s Protection Units) and PG (People’s Defence Forces) are giving a fight for not only Kurds but also all other peoples in the Middle East including Assyrians, Syriacs, Arabs and Turkmanians. She also criticized some media organs for waging a psychological war against Kurds. “The Kurds are fighting alone against this inhuman organization”, Irmak said and added that they have started this protest in order to break the wall of silence of international powers and to raise awareness in the world public opinion.
HDP Istanbul MP Sebahat Tuncel emphasized that not only ISIS but also all international powers that remain silent at the current situation will be responsible for a probable massacre in Kobanê.
She said that ISIS was created by international powers with an aim to reshape the Middle East, stressing that it was now time to say stop to the inhuman organization aiming to destroy humanity.