Urgent call HDP – Kobanê

October 7, 2014

Urgent call to the International Public Opinion: Kobane Canton in Rojava (North Syria) under siege by ISIS

Kobane Canton in North Syria has been resisting against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) which has been carrying out an intensive offensive with heavy artilleries since September 15.

The Kobanê Canton which is ruled by Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians and Arabs in a form of a legitimate Assembly is a model for the future of a democratic and pluralist Syria.

Kobanê Canton’s legitimate defense units, the YPG, and civilians are besieged.

Due to ongoing restrictions by the Turkish Government on Rojava on the one hand and the government’s indirect support to ISIS on the other hand, YPG and civilians in Kobanê are facing severe difficulties in their resistance against ISIS terrorists.

The ISIS uses high-tech arms captured from the Army of Central Iraqi Government, such as the US heavy weapons, against Kurds, while Kurds have only light arms in Rojava and Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Coalition Forces have therefore a duty to effectively contribute to Kurdish Forces’ against ISIS invasion.

As the Peoples’ Democratic Party, we call the international community to take urgent action against the ongoing ISIS Siege on Kobanê in order to prevent a new massacre.

We call International Public Opinion to support Rojava Cantons.
Respectfully yours,


Co-Chairs of the People’s Democratic Party