Austrian delegation – Suruç

October 29, 2014

While the solidarity vigil on the border of the Kobanê canton of Rojava enters its 44th day, a delegation of 12 people from the Austrian Parliament has visited the ongoing vigil in the village of Mehser in Suruç district. The delegation including Ankara Ambassador to Austria, Kurt Radner, Social Democrat Party President Andres Schieder, Green Party Deputy Berivan Aslan, Popular Party deputy Elizabeth Pfurtscheller and Kurdology expert Niki Kuntrath was accompanied by DTK (Democratic Society Congress) member Feleknas Uca, Van MP Kemal Aktaş and DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) co-mayors and officials. The delegation visited the DBP Suruç office where they met Kobanê People’s Assembly Co-President Ayşe Efendî and canton administrators.The delegation called for a humanitarian corridor to Kobanê to be opened and for medical aid to be provided immediately.

The delegation then issued a press statement.

Following another visit to Suruç Municipality, the delegation has gone to the border villages where resistance vigil in solidarity with the Kobanê resistance is going on. The Austrian politicians have later pay a visit to the Kobanê citizens housed in tent cities in the Suruç district.