Bloco de Esquerda's Congress – Eyyup Doru


The representative of HDP in Europe Eyyup Mr. Doru was a guest at the annual congress of the “Bloco de Esquerda” held in Lisbon on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November.

At the congress, where were also invited Mr. Pablo Iglesias, secretary general of the Podemos party, Ms Maite Mola, Vice President of the European Left and representatives of Sinn Fein, the Syriza party and the French Left Front, M. Doru was called to present the situation in the Middle East in general and specifically the ongoing revolutionary struggle in Rojava.
Before a crowd of applause, Mr. Doru explained at length the alternative governance model for Kurdistan and for the region in general, originally proposed by Mr. Öcalan. He cited the example of the French Nation State model, become a model throughout the world, which did not meet the aspirations of the peoples of the region, and gave the example of the alternative Democratic Confederalism, that suits better the aspirations of all peoples throughout the Near and Middle East.He also highlighted the success of his movement in the establishment of gender parity system in legislative and parliamentary authorities of the Democratic Party of Peoples and other Kurdish movements and associations. He remarked that this democratic model was also simultaneously entered into force in the three Cantons of Rojava.Speaking of the fierce resistance of the YPG/YPJ Defense units, he said the Canton of Kobanê was converted into a symbol of resistance not only to all the men and women of Kurdistan but also to all ethnic and religious minorities in this region and to all those who defend the universal values of humanity against the barbarism of Daech. He remarked that this organization was supported by a large environment including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Regarding Turkey, he also stressed that the current peace process between the President of the PKK, the HDP party and the Turkish government were deadlocked precisely because of the support of Turkey to the organization of Daech in Syria.He concluded by saying that the fight for Kobanê was not just a fight for the freedom of the Kurds, but a fight for the whole world.