Delegation of the German Left – Rojava

1The leader of the German Left Party Gregor Gysi and a delegation of party members accompanying him visited the Cizîrê Canton of Rojava, West Kurdistan on Novemebr 28 following a series of talks in Iraq and South Kurdistan.

The German delegation crossed into Rojava on Wednesday via the Sêmelka border gate in order to hold talks with the executives of the Democratic Autonomous Self-Administration.

The leader and its members were welcomed at the border gate by Salih Gedo, the president of the Cizîrê Cantons Diplomatic Commission,vice-president Emine Osê and Economic Development Centre executive Dozdar Hemo.

The delegation’s meeting with Ekrem Hiso, president of the Cizîrê Democratic Autonomous Self-Administration Executive Council, and vice-president Hisên Ezam witnessed an exchange of views about the developments in Rojava, the ongoing attacks of the ISIS and the resistance of YPG and YPJ fighters.

Gregor Gysi put particular emphasis on the role of women in Rojava and the resistance of YPJ fighters against the cruelty of ISIS gangs, also stressing that the German people stood by and supported the Rojava revolution.

The delegation later went to the Newroz Camp in Dêrik for an observation of the situation of the Sinjar people sheltered here.

Following the visit to the Newroz Camp, the delegation left Rojava and turned back to South Kurdistan crossing the Sêmalka border gate.