Handicap International in Kobanê to discuss mine threat

Representatives of Handicap International have arrived in Kobanê for an exchange of ideas regarding the threat posed by mines left by ISIS gangs.

While operations continue against ISIS gangs following their removal from Kobanê city, the biggest danger for the returning residents to the city and surrounding villages is mines. Work is continuing to remove the thousands of mines laid down by ISIS gangs as they retreated. Following an invitation from the Canton government, Philippe Houliat and David Sulaiman, representatives of Handicap International, arrived in Kobanê. They were met at the Mürşitpınar border crossing by Kobane Canton Defence Minister Ismet Şex Hesen.
The Handicap representatives then accompanied the Defence Minister to the Democratic Autonomy Center, where a meeting took place with other Canton representatives. A discussion was held regarding the threat posed by mines and an exchange of views ensued concerning possible work that could be carried out.