Die Grünen – Call to vote for the HDP

For freedom, justice, sustainability and peace:
If you are a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and live in Germany,  you have the opportunity to participate in parliamentary elections in Turkey until May 31, 2015.
We would like to encourage you to exercise this democratic right.
These elections are a key moment for the future of Turkey. If you want to contribute to a guarantee of the democratic rights of all citizens, of religious freedom, of a free and open civil society, to give young people a perspective of hope, promote gender equality, protect the environment and to end the grueling conflict and peacefully resolving the Kurdish issue, then we have a suggestion for you:
Make your voice and vote HDP!
The group Alliance 90 / The Greens are convinced that the HDP is pursuing these policy objectives with determination. Like us, the HDP has forged an alliance with the values ​​of freedom, justice, sustainable development, peace and solidarity. For enthusiastic Europeans who want a European Union with Turkey, we believe that the HDP in the Turkish parliament would be an opportunity for a new political and social life in Turkey and for a process of democratization and peace that will open new perspectives.
The following parties, Yeşiller ve Gelecek Sol, will present themselves at these elections not as a party but as an alliance with the HDP to support it with all their strength.
Alliance ’90 / The Greens are happy about this alliance and also ask you to support them.
You have until May 31 to finalize your vote and choose the candidates of HDP!
For further information to your decision, please visit: https://hdpeurope.com/