EELV – Call to vote for the HDP

The French Europe Ecology and Green Party (EELV) has stated it is supporting the Greens in Turkey and the Left Future Party and called for people to vote for the HDP.
EELV spokespersons Julien Bayou and Sandrine Rousseau and the Val-de-Marne senator Esther Benbassa issued a written statement saying the EELV supported the Greens in Turkey and the Left Future Party and calling for a vote for the HDP at the 7 June elections.
The EELV statement said that the elections were an important opportunity for Turkish citizens living in Europe to make their opinions known on the environment, peace and democracy.
“We welcome the fact that the Greens in Turkey and the Left Future Party, women’s rights activists, LGBT, workers, minorities and many parties have united around the Peoples Democracy Party (HDP),” the statement continued.
It criticised the ten per cent threshold, but added it was possible to halt the hegemony of the AKP.
The statement recalled that voters in Europe had until 31 May to vote for the HDP to ensure it exceeded the threshold, and to prevent the AKP changing laws as it wished. It said people should vote for the HDP to stop the building of nuclear power stations that threatened neighbouring countries, and dam projects such as the Ilısu dam, and to ensure progress in the peace process.
“In the event of the HDP exceeding the threshold, there will be Greens in the Turkish Parliament for the first time,” the statement concluded.