Eyyup Doru – Aosta Valley Conference

IMG_2991_1024A conference organized by the Aosta Valley Autonomous Union of Workers SAVT, entitled “Kurdistan, a nation without state”, headed by its general secretary Guido Corniolo and attended by Argemi Aureli, honorary president of the Ciemen International and Eyyup Doru, the European representative of the HDP, took place in Aosta this Friday, May 8.
The discussion panel, which took place in the context of a cycle of meetings about Nations without States, was dedicated to the Kurdish people.
Eyyup Doru was presented to the numerous participants by the Honorary President of the Escarre International Center for Ethnic Minorities and the Nations of Barcelona, ​​one of the best known organizations of peoples without states, Argemí Aureli, who inaugurated the Conference by turning the focus on the meaning of “self-determination” for the people that do not have states around the world.
Argemí has ​​in his speech emphasized the importance of a more active witness of solidarity with the Kurdish people and thanked them for all they have done not only in favor of security and peace in the region but for the entire world.
The representative of the HDP in Europe, Mr. Doru introduced his speech by evoking its role and responsibilities as the Vice President of the Global Network for the collective rights of peoples and then addressed the themes of the coming general elections in Turkey, the role taken by the HDP party in the ethnic and confessional reconfiguration of Turkey and the Kurdish role in the current conflict in Syria and its impact on the situation in the Middle East and in the world in general.
Among a long series of questions and answers raised by many participants, Mr. Doru has discussed the evolution of democratic rights of Kurds within each of the states where Kurds are under occupation, human rights concerning Kurdish people and the partiality of the election process in Turkey.
Guido Corniolo, the general secretary of the SAVT, closed the conference by presenting “The global map of the collective rights of peoples”, an international organization of labor movements and parties of nations and peoples without state, and called on all members and subscribers to the “Charter” to target better coordination to work together to recognize internationally the exercise of the right to self-determination of peoples .