Kurdish delegation – Italy visit for the reconstruction of Kobanê

ITALYAHEVDITINSAREDARIYAN(1)A delegation from Kurdistan has held talks with various municipalities in Italy to ask for support for the town of Kobanê in West Kurdistan, Rojava.
The delegation, made up of Suruç Municipality Co-mayor Orhan Şansal, Kobanê Crisis Coordination member Faruk Tatlı, Italy Hevya Sor a Kurdistan Chair, Alican Yıldız and Toskana Kurdish Cultural Association President Erdal Karabey, first visited the Empoli Municipality.
Deputy Mayor Franco Mori who warmly welcomed the delegation and expressed his sympathy over their visit, said they closely followed and supported the struggle of the Kurdish people, primarily in Kobanê.
During the meeting, an official document was signed to mark the friendship between the municipalities of Suruç and Empoli.
The delegation later visited Pontedera Municipality deputy mayor Angela Pirri and Democratic Party Assembly member Floriano Della Bella.
During the meeting which handled questions regarding the resistance in Kobanê, Sinjar and Rojava, the delegation highlighted their demand for practical support from European institutions and provided information about Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan’s project as the assurance of the coexistence of all peoples.
Pontedera Municipality deputy mayor Angela Pirri voiced solidarity with the Kurdish people and pledged further support to enhance it.
As part of talks in Italy, the delegation also visited officials from the municipalities of Livarno, Pisa and Firenze.