EP Turkey Rapporteur – Press conference

At a press conference at the EP in Strasbourg, Turkey Rapporteur of the European Parliament, Kati Piri, said attacks on the HDP would be included in the 2014 Turkey Progress Report, and called for the HDP to be guaranteed the opportunity to run its election campaign freely. Piri also reacted to Erdoğan’s statements opposing the process of resolution.
A member of the Social Democrat Group, Kati Piri said the attacks on the HDP offices in Adana and Mersin were unacceptable. She added that the attacks would be included in an addendum to the “2014 Turkey Progress Report”and that the EP were deeply concerned at the polarization prior to the elections. She said those behind the bomb attacks must be revealed.
HDP needs serious protection, Is this being provided?
Piri also criticised the 10% threshold, saying it was not appropriate. She stressed the importance of the Kurdish question being resolved through negotiation, adding that President Erdoğan comments saying there would be no negotiation were not constructive. She said:
“I hope that, despite this rhetoric, negotiations will restart after the elections” and concluded the press conference by saying that the Kurdish region was the most impoverished region of Turkey.
“The EU attaches importance to equality between regions. Turkey should resolve and encourage this through the assistance of the EU Commission. Also, more financial support is needed for regions where there are many refugees from Syria and Iraq.”