Die Linke – Condamnation of the attacks on the HDP

A Resolution of the executive board of Die Linke issued a statement on June  5th:
“We condem the attacks on HDP – Turkey has to ensure safe election process
At the evening of 3rd of June 2015 an armed attack on a election campaign bus of the left alliance party HDP was made in the Turkish province Bingöl and the driver Hamdullah Öğe was shot dead.
This attack shocked us and let our concerns about our friends from HDP grow. Already at the 18th of May two bomb attacks were committed on offices of HDP and six people injured.
The Turkish human rights organization IHD counted 168 attacks on party offices, manifestations and members of HDP during this election campaign. In the newest attack yesterday an incendiary attack was made on the house of a HDP-politician in Van and a transporter was attacked and set into flames in Erzurum besides a HDP manifestation. In the city of Erzurum in east Turkey nationalists attacked an election manifastation of HDP.
Die Linke condems these attacks utterly. Our sympathy is with the victims and their relatives. We stand next to HDP in solidarity!
We demand of the Turkish government to fullfill their duty and to ensure a safe and peaceful process of parliamentary election on Sunday, 7th of June. The culprits of these attacks have to be identified and prosecuted. We demand free and fair elections in Turkey and a transparent vote counting.
The HDP stands for more democracy in Turkey and is the only party at this election that represents the pluralism of Turkish society. We keep our fingers crossed for Sunday, and hope that despite these attacks and attempts at intimidation the HDP will jump over the 10 percent threshhold right into the Turkish parliament!”.