HDP Delegation – PES Congress

indexAn HDP delegation composed of Nazmi Gür, the vice president and head of international relations of the HDP, and Eyyup Doru, representative of the HDP in Europe, visited the annual Congress of the PES (European Socialists Party) which was held in Budapest on June 12 and 13, 2015.
The opening of the Congress was marked by the message of the President of Congress who congratulated the electoral success of the HDP during last Sunday’s elections.
The HDP delegation then attended several seminars that were held in presence of representatives of various political parties and members of the PES.
At the conference was also appointed the new president of the European Socialist Party, a title that was won by Sergei Stanislav, reelected for the second consecutive time at the head of the PES.
At that time have been also elected the members of the PES Presidency, among which is the European representative of the HDP, M.Eyyup Doru.