PCF – Welcomes the HDP electoral success

“The deleterious climate and the outburst of violence orchestrated by president Erdogan, his party AKP and hard right, couldn’t triumph over powerful popular movement which was expressed Sunday, June 7 at the time of the Turkish legislative elections.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AKP, even if even they come out on top, experience a spectacular reverse. The president, repudiated, loses the majority on which he hoped to inflict a constitutional revision ensuring him ultimate powers. The Turkish people sanctioned  increasing economic difficulties, authoritarianism,  interventions in private life and the disappearance of Rule of law. The voters also condemned an aggressive foreign politics which destabilizes the region.
If  CHP (social democrat) and  MHP (hard right) stagnate, Turkish left with  Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) made, after the presidential election, a new remarkable opening. In the context of an electoral campaign cleaving and violent against the people,  HDP knew  to make it converge the forces progressists and all the minorities around a social, ecological and feminist program.
HDP, with a national score of 13 %,  succeded in the  challenge to largely pass the eliminatory electoral threshold of 10 % designed to block any democratic alternative to the islamo-conservatives. HDP sends 80 appointed in this new assembly and becomes a political force from now on impossible to circumvent. In France, HDP arrives in second position with 20 % of the votes among Turkish voters voted at the consulate.
The French Communist party greets the result of  HDP, it also greets through this result courage, self possesion and determination whose demostrated  by party militants  and HDP voters. In spite of  bloody attacks, threats, stabs in the back and  pressures; million women and men of all the country, beyond their cultural memberships, reunited on the HDP’s candidatures to express the voice of peace, justice and the democracy against that of violence, hatred and the injustice.
“It is the shared victory of the workers, unemployed, villager, peasants, farmers, oppressed and exploited, also the victory of people of the left. More than all, it is the shared victory of the women of this country” declared yesterday evening Selahattin Demirtas,  with Figen Yüksekdağ copresident of HDP.
Yes, this splendid result reopens the way of the hope in Turkey but also for all the struggling people in this region and Europe. The support expressed through this vote for the political project carried by HDP deputies, a project democratic, feminist and ecologist, opens a prospect progressist for peace and solidarity in a country whose leaders, Erdogan at the head, played the card of the military support for Daesh in Syria against the populationt of Kobané caught between the Syrian regime and the “Jihadists”; population which had support in Turkey only from municipalities and populations of Diyarbakir, Suruc and Mardîn directed by HDP municipalities.
We address our congratulations, and reaffirm our support to all. We also want  to associate this victory,  with the forces of  life and freedom, the memory of the three Kurdish officials, Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez, coldly executed in full Paris on January 9th, 2013 with the probable implication of Turkish intelligence service MIT.
PCF which took part in the delegations of international observers, this June 7th, 2015, is happy to have been, as it had been since years, at the sides of the HDP and Turkish democratic forces and Kurdish during this day of vote, which will mark certainly a turning in the history of Turkey”.