SYRIZA – Welcomes the Success of HDP in the Parliamentary Elections

SYRIZA Press Office has issued a statement in Athens about the elections results of yesterday:
“SYRIZA is monitoring the very important developments for the future of Turkey with great interest, wishing to underline that political stability and democracy in Turkey is of special importance both for our relations and for the wider region.
In parallel, we welcome the big success of HDP in yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Turkey.

The people of Turkey are increasingly choosing to defend diversity, human rights, diversity in beliefs and personal life, to build a society without authoritarianism and discrimination based on origin, language, gender and religion.
The increase of the electoral percentage of the nationalists of MHP may be a concern and highlight the contradictions of our times, but we are confident that the dynamic entrance of HDP in the Turkish National Assembly will help to deepen democracy, combat nationalism and fundamentalism of all kinds, promote the peace process and strengthen the current rise of leftist and democratic forces in the Mediterranean and Europe as a whole.
Athens, 8 June 2015″