French Socialist Party – Press release on violence against kurds

September 2015,
Press release
Maurice Braud, National Secretary for the International affairs, Immigration and Co-development
Turkey: The Socialist Party condemns the campaign of violence against the Kurds in Turkey
Since the break this summer of political negotiations between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish government to find a solution to the painful conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lifes over 30 years, violence has increased between Turkish army and Kurdish fighters.
Similarly, while approaching new elections, consecutive to the inability of the ruling party to establish a hegemonic power following the June elections, the Kurdish situation worsens. These past two days, as was announced by Selahattin Demirtas, chairman of the democratic and pacifist main Kurdish political party the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP), more than 400 attacks were carried out against its premises last two days. Turkish independent newspapers as well as foreign journalists have not been not spared by this campaign.

The Socialist Party is extremely concerned for the anti-Kurdish and violent atmosphere that reigns in Turkey. It strongly denounces the acts committed against the HDP, which seems to be paying its high score of the previous general election.
The Socialist Party calls on the Turkish authorities to take serious and effective measures to protect citizens and ensure conditions for a peaceful political debate and healthy election campaign in the country. In a regional situation marked by the development of the most abject terror, all Turkish political leaders must ensure that Turkey does not sink into violence and instability. The Socialist Party hopes also the resume of political negotiations between the Kurds and the government that began under good conditions before being interrupted.