HDP Europe – Invitation for international observers

Dear Friends,
On November 1st 2015 there will be early legislative elections in Turkey which are of crucial importance in terms of democratization and peace process in Turkey.
As the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), we would like to invite you as an international observer in order to enable total transparency and a fair electoral process.
The HDP managed to overpass the un-democratic 10 % electoral threshold during the 7 June general elections which, as a result, prevented the AKP Government and President Erdoğan from driving the country towards a reinforced presidential system free from check & balance mechanisms. HDP had 13.1 % of the votes and won 80 seats in the parliament while the AKP won 258 seats which is not sufficient to form majority government. However, these results were not accepted by the AKP and the President Erdoğan.
Starting from the 8 June onwards, president Erdoğan has intentionally destroyed any possibility for a coalition government and has declared early elections even before the end of the constitutionally set period of 45 days for a government formation. Following that, the President has declared a war against the Kurds in order to attract ultra nationalist voters. Turkish army started to bomb mount Kandil, while later on police raids/attacks have targeted the civilians which eventually ended the peace process. Already in this intensification of the war, lots of civilians have become victim, and more than 1400 of our party members, including 7 elected mayors have been arrested. President Erdoğan and AKP are trying to create a situation that will make our electoral campaign much more difficult. Moreover, President Erdoğan publicly declared that polices and soldiers will highly be present in polling stations during the voting which concerns the public opinion in terms of forced voting and other kinds of frauds.
That is why the presence of international observers is of upmost importance for us; it can enable these elections to genuinely improve the democratic process in Turkey and thus prevent fraud. We invite you and your fellow colleagues to monitor the legislative elections of November 1st in Turkey in order to enable total transparency and thus give indisputable results. For further information and registration, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Foreign Affairs Commission of the HDP.
Best regards,
The HDP representation in Europe