The Greens/European Free Alliance – Press release on the situation in Turkey

Strasbourg, 10 September 2015,

Turkey: EU must exert pressure to end conflict

Commenting on the developing situation in Turkey, with a wave of attacks on the pro-Kurdish HDP party and a clampdown on the press,

Greens/EFA president Rebecca Harms said:

“The growing violence in Turkey is alarming and threatens the stability of the country, with civil war a real prospect. EU leaders must exert pressure on all parties to the conflict. The provocative approach of the government should be condemned but also the response of the PKK. This escalation must be stopped and this means setting weapons down. Only by following a political course can the democratic future of Turkey be secured. We welcome that the HDP has called for an end to violence and for the peace process to be restarted.”

Green foreign policy spokesperson Bodil Valero said:

“The clampdown in Turkey is not only a threat to basic rights and the stability of the country, it is also a concern for the stability of the region. The situation will hamper moves to address the threat of Islamic State and will undermine Turkey’s internal progress towards peace and democracy. The EU needs to immediately engage with the Turkish government and a coordinated response needs to be developed by Commission president Juncker, Council president Tusk and EU foreign policy high representative Morgherini. The EU must exert pressure to ensure all parties begin negotiations, with a view to ending the escalating violence and advancing the peace process towards a successful conclusion.”