EP – Representatives of political groups calling for restoration of peace in Turkey

The European Parliament has called for a return to peace in a debate entitled “The situation in Turkey” at which representatives of different groups have drawn attention to the fact that Erdogan and Turkey have slipped toward a dictatorial regime.
Nicolas Schmit, Minister in charge of relations with the European Parliament during the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council, has called on Turkey to return to the negotiating table and stressed the urgency of a cease-fire .
For the vice president of the Socialists and Democrats Victor Bostinaru:
“The practices of Erdogan and the Turkish government are heading toward a dictatorial regime. Under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, there are attacking the HDP, Kurdish and civilians” he said.
He further stated that Turkey had experienced a period of rapid economic growth but was now facing economic difficulties and concluded by saying that Turkey was approaching the elections by resorting to oppression of the opposition and with issues related to freedom of press.
The member of the Commission for External Relations of the Green Group in the European Parliament Bodil Ceballos said:
“We want the Turkish authorities and the PKK to return to the negotiating table for peace and not for war. The European Union must support this process in a responsible way to facilitate the resolution of the Kurdish issue.”
Ceballos, who is also a member of the Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament, drew attention to the need for the European Union to play a greater role for a return to the resolution process . Expressing that during the June elections the AKP and Erdogan had done everything to gain power, the Greens MEP has urged the EU to act more so that democracy prevails in Turkey.
The Vice-President of the Green Group in the EP Ska Keller said the candidacy of Turkey was unfortunately not ready for EU membership and spoke about the need for the European Union to defend more human rights in Turkey.
Keller denounced a tacit agreement of the EU with Erdogan to prevent the arrival of more immigrants:
“Do not buy our silence about it. Do not flout human rights for it” she reacted.
For Elmar Brok, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament: “We can criticize Turkey for its practice against Kurdish but we need them in terms of the issue of refugees.”
The chairman of the right Group Mike Hancock has meanwhile said that given the continuing oppression of Kurdish and journalists and the Cyprus issue, Turkey remains a problematic country.
Speaking on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Vice President of the EP Alexander Lambsdorff reported:
“There are images in the press showing Kurdish bodies dragged in the streets!”, and drawed attention to the practices of the Turkish state.
Noting that freedom of the press was trampled and there were assaults on opponents and Kurdish people, he continued:
“Turkey does not meet the EU accession criteria. If it continues on this path it will not be a member of the European Union”.
Following this criticism and warnings, the Luxembourg Minister in charge of the relations with the European Parliament Nicolas Schmit said he will consider these proposals and criticisms would be taken into account during the next interviews with counterparts.