Swedish Left Party – Call to support the HDP

Dozens of representatives of the Swedish Socialist and Green Party Vänsterpartiet including Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt, the spokesman for foreign policy Hans Linde, the MEP to the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Malin Björk as well as many MPs and party officials have pledged to support the Peoples’ Democratic Party at the next general election of November 1, calling all voters living abroad to give their votes to the HDP.
In their joint statement, representatives of the Swedish Left denounced Erdogan’s totalitarian regime and highlighted the fact that the party HDP was the main obstacle for the latter to achieve his plans:
 “The fact that the HDP party keeps running his electoral campaign despite all the attacks and pressures arouses our respect. The HDP shows everyone how to build a modern Turkey and puts the light on the right of minorities, equality, social justice and environmental issues with courage and enthusiasm “.
The statement expressed its hopes but also its fears before the elections and highlighted the concerns of the Swedish Left about attacks against leaders and members of the HDP, the firing of the headquarters of the HDP and the attacks about 300 offices of the party across the country.
But despite all these attacks, the representatives praised the firmness of women and men who refuse to remain silent and continue to defend their fundamental rights and freedoms and demand change, noting that it gave them hope, and called United Nations and the European Union to send as many observers for the first november elections.
Here is the list of deputies and representatives who signed the statement:
– Jonas Sjöstedt
– Hans Linde
– Malin Björk
– Stig Henriksson
– Lotta Johnsson Fornarve
– Karin Rågsjö
– Jens Holm
– Amineh Kakabaveh
– Christina Höj Larsen
– Wiwi-Anne Johansson
– Daniel Sestrajcic
– Nooshi Dadgostar
– Håkan Svenneling
– Emma Wallrup
– Mia Sydow Mölleby
– Torbjörn Björlund
– Ali Esbati
– Daniel Riazat
– Rosanna Dinamarca
– Yekbun Alp
– Hediye Güzel
– Barbro Sörman
– Nujin Alacabek
– Gin Akgül Haco
– Ann-Margarethe
– Naile Aras
– Lars Thor
– Faruk Aslan
– Benny Gustavsson