The HDP condemns the murder of Tahir Elçi

The President of the Diyarbakir Bar Association Tahir Elçi was cowardly murdered by the state special operations forces while giving a press release in the municipality of Sur in the center of Diyarbakir.
Amed (Diyarbakir), and all the people of Turkey lost an invaluable person, a man of great wisdom, a man of law, a  human rights defender, a man who fought relentlessly for justice, for peace, for equality and for freedom. A man who has been unceasely handling political cases on Kurdish Issue.

We wish to express our deepest and most sincere condolences to his family, close friends and to all our people.
Tahir Elçi has been an exclusive target of the AKP government that, through its media, has pursued a lynching campaign against him following which he had recently been detained.
The enemies of mankind, who were not able to embrace the ideas and the courageous struggle of Elçi, opted again for the path  of murder in order to silence him.
Those responsible for this cowardly attack, and the entirety of their connections, will be revealed.
The causes of this murder takes its source in the political war, widespread violence and aggressive language adopted by the State, in endless prohibitions, arbitrary and illegal curfews that have no equal elsewhere worldwide, in attacks and deliberate killings of civilians, in collaborations with groups such as Al Qaeda and Daesh as part of the civil war in Syria.
Through this planned murder of Tahir Elçi, it is the struggle for justice and for law that has been affected. But justice and law will not die here and Tahir has left thousands of heirs behind, who will continue his struggle.
Keep jailing and keep assassinating those who fight for equality, justice, democracy, peace and freedom, but you will never be able to get any results, because your sinister plans will never end up.
We call on all democratic and peaceful forces of Turkey, to all  trade unions, organizations of civil society and to all political parties to raise their voices and speak out against this shameful murder.
The executive board of the HDP
Ankara, November 28, 2015