DBP – Call for urgent action for Sur

Amed branch of DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) has called for urgent action for the people of central Sur district which remains under a heavy siege and onslaught for 22 days.
In a related statement, DBP Amed provincial organisation co-chair Ali Şimşek stressed that attacks by state forces in Sur are getting more violent, adding;
“Bodies of slain civilians cannot be taken out of the curfew area. Those wounded, on the other hand, cannot receive treatment. The siege and onslaught continues with heavy arms and houses are being targeted by tank strikes and artillery fire.”
Describing the situation in Sur district, the heart of Amed, as savagery, Şimşek warned against an imminent massacre, and called attention to the essentiality of stepping up the resistance in order to break the siege.
Şimşek called upon the people of Amed to go into urgent action tonight to stop mass killings.