HDP Delegation – Rennes Visit

Gültan Kisanak, co-mayor of Diyarbakır, and Eyyup Doru, representative of the HDP in Europe, held a series of meeting in Rennes on Saturday 5th.
The delegation met Nathalie Appéré, Mayor of Rennes and member of the Socialist Party, and they signed together the agreement that allows the payment to the city of Diyarbakır aid approved by the City Council of Rennes in compliance with legal rules thus securing the financial transfer.
Other issues have been discussed with the deputy mayors of Rennes, but also Jocelyne Bougeard, delegated to international relations.
The issue of urban renewal was discussed with Frédéric Bourcier, Deputy Assistant to Solidarity and Social Cohesion and Philippe Faysse, executive vice president of public space.
Both have been totally invested for three years in an urban renewal’s project to support the Municipality of Diyarbakir’s area called Ben û Sen.
Hosted by Alain Surrans, director of the Opera of Rennes, Gültan Kisanak participated in the exhibition of the photographer François Legeait and Gael Le Ny on the Neighborhood “Gecekondu” of Ben û Sen, at the foot of the walls of Diyarbakır, before visiting the International House of Rennes (MIR) where an excerpt from the film “Spring Dream” on the camp of Yezidi refugees in Diyarbakır was presented.
Gülten Kisanak and Eyyup Doru also paid tribute to Mr Tahir Elci, lawyer and Diyarbakır’s association of lawyer’s president, murdered last week, among lawyers with uniform.
Roselyne Lefrançois, former European Deputy and Lena Louarn, Vice President of the Regional Council of Brittany, Nile Caouissin, spokesman of the UDB, Yann Stéphant, director of the Festival of Douarnenez, Emmanuelle Berthinier, director of the MIR, Jocelyne Bougeard, representing the Mayor of Rennes, recalled the close links between the two cities and expressed to the mayor of Diyarbakır the solidarity of elected officials and citizens of Rennes.
The bars of France  and the French Association of Armenian Lawyers and Jurists also sent messages of solidarity Mr Lozac’hmeur, Vice President of the Conference of Barrister of France and Mr. Philippe Le Goff, President of the Bar of Rennes, declared:
“Killing the barrister of Diyarbakır created a deep wound for all lawyers and all those who love freedom and law. (Mr. Lozac’hmeur).
What happend in Diyarbakır is not acceptable, especially in a country that wants to join Europe (Mr. Philippe Le Goff). “