HDP Europe calls the international community to denounce the ongoing onslaught in Kurdish cities

People in Cizre district of Şırnak have taken to the streets yesterday to protest the fifth curfew imposed alongside Silopi.
Mass marches have been staged and barricades have been built in Cudi and Nur neighborhoods where people have been remaining on the streets in protest at the never-ending curfews and attacks targeting the people.
Resisting the attacks throughout the night, people were not allowing military and police forces enter their neighborhoods.
Tanks deployed on hills and surrounding roads have started to conduct artillery attacks against neighborhoods as of early hours.

In Cudi neighborhood which was targeted by intense gunfire, an 11-year-old minor by the name of Salih Edim was shot in the head by special operation police in broad daylight.
30-year-old Hediye Şen, mother of two, was killed as a result of an attack by special operation police that targeted her house near Cafer Sadık hill.
Artillery fire by Turkish forces intensifies in Yafes, Cudi and Nur neighborhoods which are also bombed with heavy weaponry by means of signal flare amid a power cut.
Nur neighborhood is being targeted from Botaş Avenue and Girê Evinê; Cudi neighborhood from Cafer Sadık Hill; Yafes neighborhood from Serbanê Cirf Hill.
While uninterrupted artillery fire against civilian areas continues, people remain on streets in dark, lighting fires to warm themselves and lighten around.
Security forces are denying access to HDP deputies into the district where clashes are going on.
At the same time, attacks by Turkish security forces have intensified since yesterday amid an intense deployment of troops, police and special operation teams have been targeting civilian areas with grenade launchers, which has already left many houses and civilian areas demolished in Amed’s central district of Sur. A building faces a risk of collapse as it remains on fire as a result of gunfire.
On the other hand, police attacks have reportedly intensified around the historical Kurşunlu Mosque which was set ablaze by police forces earlier this week. Reports say that the mosque is also targeted by the attacks.
More people are joining the self-defense and resistance against the attacks of state forces in Amed and Nusaybin district of Mardin where onslaught gets heavier. Thousands across Amed are spreading the resistance in response to the atrocity perpetrated by Turkish forces against the people in the Kurdish region.
In the central Bağlar district where two youths, Şerdıl Cengiz (21) and Şiyar Salman (18), were killed yesterday, people continue resisting at barricades on every street where they have also been lighting big fires.
While people in their houses are also joining the protests by making noises that resound throughout streets together with slogans, police and special operation teams are firing random tear gas, unable to enter the areas of protests due to barricades laid on all streets across the district.
As resistance also continues in Ofis and Koşuyolu area, people have laid barricades on streets in Huzurevleri neighborhood of Kayapınar district as well, where police keep firing tear gas amid an intense helicopter activity.
Attacks by state forces have also started in Mardin’s Nusaybin district where a sixth curfew has been imposed yesterday afternoon. Special operation police teams deployed in armored vehicles at many locations are opening artillery fire on the neighborhoods of Fırat, Abdülkadirpaşa, Dicle and Yenişehir.
A youth from Rojava, Hüseyin Ahmet was killed and a kid by the name of İbrahim Bulca was wounded as a result fire opened by police in the district. Police has opened cross fire on a group of minors who lit a fire on Sakarya Avenue between Selahattin Eyyubi and Yeni Turan neighborhoods late Wednesday.
People in the targeted neighborhoods are waging self-defense against the attacks by state forces.
This situation can not last, Turkish government is leading the country straight to a civil war that, if not prevented, will worsen and turn extremely violent.
For this reason, we call urgently the international community to denounce this unacceptable violence perpetrated by the AKP’s government against kurdish civilians.
The HDP’s representation in Europe