HDP Delegation – Visit United Nations officials

IMG_3805A HDP delegation visited the Nations Unions headquarters in Geneva today  to denounce the genocidal policies of the Turkish state.
Nazmi Gür, co-vice president and head of external relations of the People’s Democratic Party and Meral Danis Bestas, HDP’s MP for the city of Adana came to the United Nations Headquarters where they met several officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
During the meetings, the ongoing massacres of civilians in Turkey and the heavy human rights violations have been submitted to UN officials.
The delegation stressed that Turkey violated daily transgressed international law by not respecting the Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War with his attacks in northern Kurdistan and said that Turkey had signed the agreement and it therefore requested that the Unions Nations adopt a motion to take immediate action against the latter.
Gür said they would continue the meetings with international organizations and with the United Nations in particular:
“We have asked the United Nations to take emergency action concerning unacceptable events that have been taking place every day for more than five months in the Kurdish region of Turkey. UN officials have also expressed concern and told us that they were closely monitoring the events in Kurdistan. “
Bestas for his part drew attention to the continuing and increasing violations of human rights in places where the ban to go outside is imposed:
“All international organizations, the United Nations ahead, should have already taken action even before we moved here. Turkey is violating international treaties and agreements which it has signed through its policy of war in Kurdistan. It is the duty of all international institutions to respond without delay to face this dramatic and alarming situation”, before continuing:
“Rather than the political aspect, it is the serious problem concerning continuous and brutal violations of human rights in Kurdistan that should be considered by the United Nations. We came here in order to make the necessary explanations and submit reports so these facts can be considered in the fairest way. We also emphasized the seriousness and urgency of the situation. Fortunately, the various officials we met with told us that they were interested very closely in what was happening in Kurdistan and said that they considered of extreme importance any actions taken in this sens“.