Letter of the Co-presidents of the HDP

To the President of European Council, Mr. Donald Tusk
To the President of European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker
To the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel,
We have been closely following how war and conflicts taking place both in Middle East and Turkey affect Europe directly. The humanitarian devastation caused by war and tragedies occurring as a result necessitates an effective cooperation of international communities.
Particularly in fighting ISIL as well as similar terrorist groups and preventing the disasters that millions of people who were forced to become refugees go through, are problems that can be solved more easily by improving sincere co-operations of states and societies.
The unsolved Kurdish question and abandonment of negotiation process, followed by the return to the conflict and security concept once again bring out serious instability and extremely severe humanitarian price in our country. In this conflicted environment, serious human rights violations and unlawful arbitrary practices have become an almost routine policy of the government.
In such an environment, along with leaning towards the revitalization of Turkey’s EU process, we have serious concerns that this process is being conducted with current political agendas in contradiction to the principles of the EU. Especially the return of the refugees forced to immigrate to Europe back to Turkey or the issue of stopping the influx of refugees in Turkey has created a public perception that the meetings you conduct with our government have evolved into a trade bargain.
The criticism on the increasing state of condoning the severe human rights violations in Turkey consciously and staying silent to all in order not to attract the reaction of our government is increasingly being expressed more loudly.
We are sure that it could be really effective to hear clearer statements and also a proper attitude from your side in eliminating the concerns on the issue that human rights principles, EU values or Copenhagen criteria have not and will not be turned into a “bargain” subject.
Knowing that democratic values, commitment to the peace process and human rights principles are followed resolutely will help the society feel more secure.
In this context, we hope that some of the “bargain” interview news taking place in the press and reports are not authentic, and we invite everyone and yourselves to protect democratic values and universal principles all together.
We wish you success in your work.
Respectfully yours,
Selahattin Demirtaş – Figen Yüksekdağ
HDP Co-chairs
 11 February 2016