EP Socialist-Democrat Group Chair and European United Left Group Chair called upon the EU to take action for the solution of the Kurdish question.

European Parliament (EP) Socialist-Democrat Group Chair Gianni Pittella and European United Left Group Chair Gabriella Zimmer have called on EU Council and Commission officials.
Pittella said “We want the Kurdish question in Turkey to reach a just, peaceful and sustainable solution. The EU Council and Commission should also take responsibility as the Kurdish question is a fundamental issue.”
Zimmer said, “The EU officials have yet to fulfill their responsibility up to this day, they even signed a refugee agreement with Turkey over unclean interests. We do not accept this and we condemn it. Turkey does not follow the principles of a state of law, human rights, press freedom and the Copenhagen political criteria.”
Regarding the plans for the camp in Maraş which will be used by the gangs for organisation and recruitment, Pittella said, “It is the EU that has signed the agreement with Turkey on the refugees issue. In this extent, the EU Council, Commission and FRONTEX are responsible. But as the EP, we should be able to visit the places the refugees are planned to be settled.”
EP European United Left Group Refugees Desk Representative Barbara Spinelli said she had just heard about this camp in Maraş and she will try to put it on the agenda first in the group meeting and later in different platforms. Spinelli said, “It is unacceptable that the EU signs a refugee agreement with Erdoğan while Erdoğan and his government conduct excursions for annihilation in Kurdistan. We condemn this as a group.”
In a statement in the name of the group, EP Greens Group Co-chair Philippe Lambert stressed that they support all the advisory articles in the EP report regarding the solution to the Kurdish question through negotiations. Lambert said the following on the refugees: “EU signing the refugee agreement with Turkey is a capitulation, is surrender. With this agreement the EU has surrendered to Erdoğan who treads on all fundamental human rights.”