Eyyup Doru – Meeting with AFET Chair Elmar Brok

Mr. Elmar Brok, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, met today with Mr. Eyyup Doru, HDP Representative in Europe.
Mr. Doru brought to Mr. Brok a letter from Mr. Selahattin Demirtas and Ms. Figen Yüksekdağ, HDP co-chairs. In their letter, the HDP co-Chairs express their grave concern about recent discussions in Turkey aiming at the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of several Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Chairman Brok said:
“I call on the Kurdish community and the Turkish government to go back to the negotiating table. Dialogue is the only way to achieve a peaceful solution to the situation in the South East of the country. The HDP can play a constructive role in the negotiations”.
Mr. Brok expressed his belief in the contribution parliamentary work can bring towards a peaceful settlement of the situation in the South East of the country.
“Lifting parliamentary immunity” he said it is not the way to deal with the problems at stake. “The Turkish government should work with all moderate forces in parliament to achieve peace”.