Eyyup Doru – Official meetings in Navarre and Basque Country

The representative of the HDP in Europe Eyyup Doru conducted a series of visits to the Basque Country and Navarre on May 18, 19 and 20.
The validation of the law intended to withdraw parliamentary immunity of HDP members in the Parliament of Turkey and the alarming situation of the ongoing civil war in the Kurdish region of the country, including attacks of security forces of State against kuridsh civilians, were the two main topics of the agenda during the various meetings which took part M.Doru.
1-18-5-16-1Eyyup Doru began his intervention addressing Assembly in Navarre’s Parliament, which held a welcoming ceremony attended by the majority of MPs and during which he received a title.
The President of the Parliament, Ainhoa Aznárez Igarza, inaugurated the meeting as part of the official reception she referred as the usual “Navarre’s solidarity with the demands of the peoples who struggle for recognition and respect from international community”, pointing out the fact that the founding text of the UN called to “avoiding war, practice tolerance and promoting progress and equal rights.
6-18-5-16-1In this context, the President said that the why of the “little information, and in many cases distorted information” trample on “the problems and historical processes through which the Kurdish people face.”
The president also regretted “the instability of neighboring countries, that highlights the inequalities that lie behind the current conflict, and the lack of a clear international support.”
Ainhoa Aznárez concluded the speech denouncing the “repressive policy regarding the denial of identity, culture, language and customs of the Kurdish people.”
After the welcoming ceremony, Mr. Doru addressed parliamentarians within the working session of the Commission on Human Rights of the Parliament where members of the commission expressed their strong concern about the deterioration of human rights and suggested in conclusion to submit an opinion within the parliament concerning measures to be taken against flagrant human rights violations and anti-constitutional acts in the country.
The second day of the visits consisted mainly in meetings with various official parties of the autonomous entity of the Basque Country. Mr Doru has mainly debated the themes outlined yesterday in the autonomous entity of Navarre and the various representatives have also expressed their deep concerns.
2016.05.20 Turkiako Herrien Alderdi DemokratikoaThe representative of the People’s Democratic Party concluded his meetings with an official visit to the Basque Parliament where he participated in the Comission of Human Rights, Equality and Citizen participation. M.Doru ended his visit to the Basque Parliament by giving a press conference.
The two autonomous parliaments have also decided to vote an institutional statement to protest the law on lifting parliamentary immunity of members of the Great Assembly of Turkey and to show solidarity in favor of self-determination of the Kurdish people.