HDP denounces military, but also civilian coup

This July 15, 2016, Turkey faced a coup attempted that was quickly controlled, but nevertheless left 265 dead and about 1440 injured. At the same time, about 8,000 police officers and soldiers have been detained, and more than 7,000 civil servants, including a considerable number of judges and prosecutors, have been dismissed.
This failed military coup was an immediate opportunity for the AKP government to stop a large number of opponents within the state apparatus and accelerate the implementation of his presidential empire. The restoration of the death penalty was subsequently discussed.
The HDP is in principle opposed to any form of coup, whatever the circumstances. In addition, the HDP is also opposed to civilian shootings by the State and calls in this respect on Turkey to immediately adopt a genuine pluralistic democracy and a new constitution.
The regime now headed by Erdogan, along with the Gülenist movement, who orchestrated the military coup this July 15, had previously united to organize civilian State coups, arresting more than 7,000 Kurdish political opponents, including MPs, mayors, deputy mayors, politicians and other leaders of our political movement.
The current government, which deplored the events that occurred the night of July 15 by calling the population to mobilize en masse and take to the streets, has massacred, last year, the Kurdish civilian population, while it disputed arbitrary and endless curfews, mass arrests, daily killings of men, women and children, the displacement of over 500 000 people, and the widespread destruction of thousands of UNESCO classified World Heritage sites.
The Turkish state has known since its inception several military coup, in 1960, 1971 and 1980. But all of these coups have never been able to solve the real problems of Turkey, which consist in the establishment of the rule of law, (democracy) and the resolution of the Kurdish question.
HDP’s representation office