Norwegian Bar Association Human Rights Committee observation report on the court hearing against co-chair Yüksekdağ

Observation report titled “Observation of the Ankara 16th Penal Court hearing of case against former co-leader of People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Figen Yüksekdağ, July 4th 2017” prepared by the Human Rights Committee of Norwegian Bar Association which had been invited to Ankara to observe the trial against co-chair Yüksekdağ in July 2017.
The report is written by the observer, Ms. Maria Hessen Jacobsen, and her observations and concerns in the report, however, been endorsed by the Human Rights Committee of the Norwegian Bar Association.
The report includes Yüksekdağ’s case background and charges against her, summary of political and legal situation in Turkey especially in the light of April referendum, the concerns and obsevations of international instituations such as UN. The report gives detailed observations on the hearing that held at the Ankara 16th Penal Court in July 4th. The report is concluded with the observations and concerns of Norwegian Bar Association.
You may download the report here.
31 October 2017