Malmö City Council in solidarity with HDP

Emma-Lina Johansson, a member of the Malmö City Council representing Left Party, protested the AKP government’s seizure of HDP-run metropolitan municipalities of Diyarbakır, Mardin and Van through the removal of elected co-mayors and appointment of governors as trustees to take over the administration of the municipalities.

In a video message on Facebook, Johansson recalled that the three mayors were arbitrarily removed from their posts, saying; “The people’s will must be respected, resist. Struggle continues for a democratic, fair and solidarist world. None of us is free unless we all are.”

Johansson ended her message with “Resist Diyarbakır, Resist Mardin, Resist Van”.

Similar messages of solidarity with the HDP had been sent by many politicians from Sweden before, including Stockholm City Council member and Left Party Group President Clara Lindholm, Helsingborg Municipality Left Party Group President Inger Mattiasson Sardinen and Norrköping Municipality Left Party City Councilor Nicklas Lundström, Gothenburg City Council members Carl Daniel Bernmar and Jenny Broman.