DIE LINKE: Maas must condemn repression against the HDP

The repressions against the HDP in Turkey continue to increase.

Katja Kipping, chairwoman of the Germany – DIE LINKE. (The Left) commented:

I call on Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to now finally openly and unequivocally condemn the ongoing attacks on freely elected deputies of the opposition HDP party in Turkey. In recent days, hundreds of members of the HDP party have been arrested, and nine HDP parliamentarians are now to be stripped of their immunity.

It is unacceptable how President Erdoğan continues to trample on basic democratic rights in Turkey. If the German government continues to rely on normalization with Erdoğan, it will be complicit in the persecution of the democratic opposition in Turkey. The German government must allow itself to be asked whether democracy and human rights are a matter of calculation for it or an immutable fundamental value. I also consider it unworthy of the SPD to subordinate itself to the CDU on human rights issues in this way, for better or worse.

Bernd Riexinger, Co-chair of the Germany – DIE LINKE. (The Left) shared the following via his Twitter:

In recent days, repression against the HDP in Turkey has again increased massively. The Erdogan government is using fabricated accusations and arrests against members and deputies of the HDP.

Source: https://www.die-linke.de/