The report: Seizure of will and realities on trustees

The report prepared by HDP Committee on Democratic Local Governments

(…) Since 19 August, a total of 48 municipalities, 3 of which are metropolitan, 5 provincial, 33 district and 7 town municipalities, have been seized by the AKP / MHP government. With the appointment of trustees, the will of the people was ignored and neglected by the ruling partners in 48 localities. The government once again declared that it does not recognize the will of the Kurdish people. The municipal co-mayors were dismissed and the right of the people to govern themselves was stripped.

Violations and usurping of rights from 19 August2019 to 15 January 2021:

 72 of our co-mayors were detained on various dates. 31 March 2019. 37 of our co-mayors, 19 of which are women, were arrested and imprisoned.

Currently, the detention of 15 municipal co-mayors, 7 of whom are women, are still continuing. (…)

As HDP, we advocate local administration instead of central government. For this to happen, first of all, the trustee regime must be abolished and the will of the people must be respected. Despite all the oppression, arrest and tyranny of the ruling partners, we will not retreat even one step back from implementing the alternative local government model. We will continue to maintain our democratic, ecological, women-oriented and socialist municipality understanding against the ruling, monist, sexist and rent-based municipality understanding of the system. This report shall put a mark in the history by tracing the truth and bringing the facts to light in a political atmosphere where the facts are reversed by the hand of the government.

To download the report prepared by our Committee on Democratic Local Governments:

Seizure of Will and Realities on Trustees Report (pdf)