HDP meets with European Parliament GUE/NGL and Greens/EFA MEPs

HDP Executives and Representatives have attended to a meeting under chairmanship of
Sergej Lagodinsky who is an MEP for Greens in Germany.

During the meeting with the EP Greens/EFA, it was stated that:
“It is unacceptable for our party (HDP) to be subjected to pressure from the judiciary, due
to its importance in the Turkish political equation. It is strongly emphasised that the
progress in EU-Turkey relations will not be possible unless Turkey fulfils its obligations,
especially human rights and democratisation.

Attacks on HDP are a Manifestation of Political Revenge

Our Co-Spokesperson of the Foreign Relations Commission, Hishyar Özsoy, stated that
the closure case against our party and the Kobani case, which will start on April 26th are;
“The manifestation of a political showdown and the government’s attempts to stay in
power for another term, and noted the possible effects of designing Turkey, through the
judiciary. Özsoy also highlighted the effects of them as Turkey is a candidate for accession
to the EU.

Democracy, Human Rights and Universal Values Should be the Main Criteria in EU-
Turkey Relations

On the other hand, our delegation consisting of Our Co-Chairman Mithat Sancar, Our Co-
Chairman Feleknas Uca and Our Group Vice President Saruhan Oluc have met with;

Martin Schirdewan (Co-Chair of GUE/NGL), Dimitrios Papadimoulis (EP Vice President)
and EP Left Group (GUE/NGL) parliamentarians, including, Nikolaj Villumsen, Pernando
Barrena, Malin Björk, Kostas Arvanitis, Helmut Scholz, Georgios Georgiou and Özlem Alev

During a video conference it has been emphasised that ‘Internationalist Solidarity’
between the Left Group and our party (HDP) is stronger than ever.

The Left Group Parliamentarians have discussed;
The closure case against our party, lifting the immunity of our MPs, the appointment of
trustees as majors, the new ‘Kobani Case’ against our former and new executives, and the
numerous detention-arrest operations against our members.

It is stated that the European Union and the Council of Europe should determine their
relations with the current government in Turkey on the basis of ‘Human rights and
Democracy’ within EU values.

It was pointed out that a negotiation aimed at restricting freedoms in Turkey in exchange
for the blackmail of migrants and tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean should be
rejected by EU leaders.