Peoples’ Democratic Party Central Executive Board: We will fight, we will win!

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board (MYK) released the final declaration of its weekend meeting.

The final declaration said: “Our Central Executive Board MYK and Parliamentary Group evaluated the government crackdown on our party in a meeting last weekend.

We debated over our response to the aggressive politics of the ruling alliance which has lost its democratic legitimacy. We discussed our duties and responsibilities to save Turkey from the brink of an abyss.”

Dark times concern everyone

The HDP listed the following points of discussion:

“1. The dark times we are going through are of particular concern not only to the HDP, but to all social and political opposition. The government is silencing all social opposition and democracy in Turkey. For this reason, the opposition which suffers oppression from the policies of the government can only overcome this impasse by resisting and raising voices altogether. We would like to emphasize once again that we will never bow to the pressures of the ruling alliance. Quite contrary, we will surely achieve success in our democratic political struggle by raising democratic resistance.

2. In contrast to the prohibition-based pandemic management of the AKP-MHP government, which has replaced public health by political gains and profits of the pro-capital groups, our party, with a high awareness of public health, ended the work done on the internet, except for the necessary situations, and has decided to continue the social organization in public.

3. We will continue our struggle for a democratic republic to denounce the AKP-MHP government which relies on inequality, injustice, sexism and labor exploitation. Our party  will take the responsibility for the future of Turkey’s citizens. Our struggle against this ruling alliance which destroys all living spaces for profit continues.

Democracy can be maintained  if it guarantees human rights and freedoms.

The current definition of democracy by the ruling alliance is the abuse of the means of public administration for the ruling minority. We say ‘no’ to this!”

‘We won’t bow, we will win!’

The statement continued: “The reason for the AKP-MHP government’s aggression is the fear of losing power. The ruling alliance insists on isolation and the trustee regime because it knows that it does not have any chance to remain in power through democratic methods.

Turkey people should make sure HDP’s tradition of resistance is combined with its strategic mind. In its response to the government crackdown, the HDP will frustrate the government’s policies. democracy will win together with the people of Turkey. No pressure, despotic method and collapse plan will be able to dissuade the HDP from this struggle and determination.

From now on, we will struggle to win and create a democratic republic. We will surely succeed!”