Solidarity Letters from the Left and Socialist Parties of the Netherlands, France and Germany

The left and socialist parties of the Netherlands, Germany, France sent a message of solidarity to the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), saying, “We admire your struggle.”

Dutch Socialist Party (SP) Senate President Tiny Kox and House of Representatives Speaker Lilian Marijnissen, German Left Party (DIE LINKE) Co-Chairs Janine Wissler and Susanne Hennig-Wellsow and French Socialist Party (PS) President Olivier Faure sent a message of solidarity to:

HDP Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar regarding the attacks against the HDP and the closure case.


“May we first express our great admiration for your continuous struggle for a more democratic and just Turkey and all its citizens.

With you we strongly condemn the attempts of the Turkish authorities to lift the immunity of parliamentarians of the elected opposition, which first and foremost go against the elected parliamentarians of HDP. And with you we consider it against the fundamental rules of democracy that the Turkish authorities keep looking for ways to a possible closure of HDP, the third party of the country. This is a clear violation of the will of the electorate, expressed in the last general elections.

Please accept our best wishes to you and all those who strive of a democratic Turkey, based on the rule of law and respect of fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens.” Told by Lilian Marijnissen & Tiny Kox, who are Chairpersons of the SP Group in the Second Chamber and the First Chamber of the States-General of the Netherlands.


“On behalf of the Socialist party and on my own name, allow me to express yourselves, your Party and all the people you represent our strong concern about the continuous deteriorating situation of the democracy and rule of law in Turkey. For almost six years, we, in France, and the whole European socialist and social democrat family have been denouncing the authoritarian regime led by Erdogan, including his policy of associating as so-called terrorists all the Kurdish people and the democratically elected people of the HDP.

The imprisonment of your co-leaders Mr Selahattin Demirtas and Ms Figen Yüksekdag under groundless accusations, after the lift of their parliamentary immunities together with 55 deputies as you recall in your letter (and in addition the latest similar move against MP Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu on March 17″), was the start of a permanent repression against the HDP.

Wishing you to stay strong, fraternally,” told by Olivier Faure, who is currently First Secretary of the French Socialist Party (PS). 


You know, as DIE LINKE we always condemned the oppression, the total disregard of

human rights, freedom rights and justice. We demanded from our government as well as in the European parliament a clear rejection of Erdogan’s authoritarian politics, and political consequences. We demanded freedom for all political prisoners, a stop of all arms exports to Turkey and the end of the EU refugee deal. But the changes in the EU and Germany’s politics towards Turkey had been very little.

We see the bravery of all HDP comrades, your strength and endurance. Despite the worsening of the situation, you kept going your way and remain to your struggle. We as DIE LINKE stand by your side in solidarity. We, as the new chairs, wish to keep on with our good relationship between our parties.

In solidarity,” told by Janine Wissler & Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, who are Co-Chairs of DIE LINKE.