Kobanî trial: #SolidarityWithHDP & #DefendKobani

The first day of the trial (26 April) as part of the “Kobani trial” of the Erdogan’s regime against the leading politicians of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Ankara was accompanied by fierce protests by the defendants and the defense.

A summary of the 3,530-pages indictment was read because of the lack of defense. A motion of bias against the judges was rejected. The “Kobani trial” in Ankara will not resume until May 18. The reason given was the Corona lockdown in Turkey. At the start of the trial on Monday, the hearing was initially postponed until May 3.

On the same day, strong international solidarity actions and robust statements for the HDP and Kobani resistance popped up worldwide with the involvement of deputies, political parties and diverse organizations. All these actions were circulated on social media including Twitter with the following hashtags: #SolidarityWithHDP & #DefendKobani.

This solidarity is very important since the process politically prescribed by Erdogan’s regime. Therefore, it must continue to be supported politically and internationally. In this sense, we will continue to follow and inform the next steps. What is more, the support and solidarity are crucial.

Here is much of what we brought together.



Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance’s Alex Bainbridge expressing #SolidarityWithHDP as the party leaders face trial and the party faces the potential of being banned. Please share and express your own solidarity. #DefendKobani

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MP David Shoebridge – Greens NSW

Today begins the criminal ‘trial’ of 108 HDP MPs, a democratic pro- Kurdish party in Turkey, for simply calling for solidarity for Syria when it was under siege by ISIS. We cannot stay silent while people are punished for protecting human rights. #StandWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Peter Boyle – Correspondent for Green Left Weekly

Turkey’s Kobani Case show trial which begins today in Ankara is a travesty of justice. Solidarity with besieged Kobani was a moral duty not a crime! #StandWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Lee Rhiannon, Former NSW State Greens MP and Senator

A show trial is on in Ankara. 108 HDP MPs are on trial for giving solidarity to besieged Kobani. 2015 battle for Kobanî was a turning point in the war against ISIS. HDP MPs stood up for human rights. HDP is a democratic pro-Kurdish party in Turkey.

#StandWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Andreas Schieder – Member of the European Parliament, S&D

It is unacceptable in a democracy to hold elected officials HDP responsible for the violence that happened during the Kobani protests. The European Parliament stands firmly against this violation of the rule of law. #DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

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Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, MP, Green Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Human Rights

This procedure is another move by Turkish President Erdogan to silence the political opposition. The aim is clearly to get one step closer to a total ban on the Kurdish HDP party, which has been targeted by the Turkish ruler for some time. The strategy of the increasingly authoritarian Erdogan to eliminate political opponents with the help of the judiciary may serve to maintain his power, but this anti-democratic development is a disaster for Turkey and its citizens as a whole. We will be watching closely to see how the process unfolds.

Source: www.ots.at


Samuel Cogolati – Member of Parliament, Ecolo Belgium

Today begins the trial in Ankara against the elected officials of the HDP. Democracy needs opposition and pluralism. #SolidarityWithHDP

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Demetris Papadakis – Member of the European Parliament, The Progressives

Turkey begins today trial of leading representatives of HDP for 2014 Kobani protests.We stand in solidarity with HDP as it faces this systematic repression and we oppose Erdogan’s policy of criminalizing Kobani’s resistance.

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Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

The trial of 108 persons primarily HDP leading cadres and elected representatives has started in Turkey.  Among them also the former HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag.

They are accused by the Turkish state for the violent events that erupted during the demonstrations held in October 2014. This trial constitutes a continuation of the all-out attack against HDP and the attempt to ban it. It is part of the policy to silence and abolish the democratic and political rights of every opposition force. AKEL denounces this set-up political trial and expresses its solidarity with the HDP members and cadres.

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MEP Nikolaj Villumsen – GUE/NGL

I stand in solidarity with HDP and its 108 members, parliamentarians and former co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yüksekdağ that are today put on trial by a Turkish court in Ankara. Speaking truth against Erdogan is not a crime! #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani #dkpol

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MP Søren Søndergaard – Enhedslisten

The “Kobani Trail” starts today in Ankara against 108 leading HDP members. The Parliamentarian Group of Red-Green Alliance in Denmark send its solidarity and call for the immediate release of Demirtas and other political prisoners. #dkpol #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

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MP Uffe Elbaek – Independent Greens (Frie Grønne)

What is happening in the Turkish Court today is not only an attack on HDP but the fundamental democratic values. Shame on you Erdogan. All my #SolidarityWithHDP. And one more thing: We all have to #DefendKobani.

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European Left

The Turkish Attorney General has ordered the detention of 108 individuals, among them leading representatives of the HDP. The Kobani trial starts Monday. We stand firmly against this violation of the rule of law. #DefendKobane / #solidaritywithhdp

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European Free Alliance (EFA)

We stand with HDP today as the macro-trial of 108 detainees continues. A socially-distanced gathering of support just took place outside the EP. Democracy cannot exist without free and unrestrained opposition. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

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The Socialists and Democrats (S&D) Group in the European Parliament 

Full #SolidarityWithHDP facing systematic repression under Erdogan’s regime! Our MEPs Evin Incir and Brando Benifei are in Ankara today for the start of the Kobani trial. It is unacceptable to criminalise demonstrations in support of Kobani’s resistance against ISIS.

Source: Twitter

The Left in the European Parliament

As 108 HDP members, parliamentarians & co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas & Figen Yüksekdag are put on trial by a Turkish court in Ankara today, we send them our deepest #SolidarityWithHDP / #DefendKobani. End this political prosecution! Justice must prevail!

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Greens/EFA in European Parliament

“Any normalization of bilateral relations between EU and Turkey must start with real progress on democracy & human rights. / ending ban on opposition party HDP / implementing @ECHR_CEDH rulings / free Osman Kavala & Selahattin Demirtas / re-join Istanbul Convention”

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Federation of Young European Greens

Today is the start of the Kobani Trial in Turkey. 108 defendants are on trial, of whom 28 of them are in pre-trial detention including former HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş, Figen Yüksekdağ and our young green friend Cihan Erdal. We are following the trial closely.

Source: Twitter

Vänsterpartiet i EU (Swedish Left Party in EP)

The trial of 108 HDP members, which begins today, is an attempt to crush the opposition HDP, Turkey’s third largest party. It is also a blow to the basic principles of democracy. All our solidarity to the HDP. #solidaritywithHDP #defendKobani

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The Group of the Unified European Left (UEL) at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

“The UEL group reaffirms its solidarity with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and its co-chairs, parliamentarians, mayors and members who have been imprisoned for purely political reasons. After the systematic repression against the HDP which include arrests, lifting the immunity of deputies, seizure of municipalities, the main Kobani trial will begin on April 26 in Ankara. The Kobani Trial will include the trial of 108 people, including the arrested former Co-Chairs Figen Yüksekdag and Selahattin Demirtas. The UEL group therefore joins the international solidarity actions in support of all those unfairly threatened with severe imprisonment.”

Source: https://gue-uel.org/solidarity-with-hdp/

European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy)

We joined the action today in Brussels along with several MEPs to denounce the Turkish macro-trial against 108 members of HDP. While the EU sits down with Erdogan, we stand side by side with our Kurdish friends. Solidarity with them! #SolidarityWithHDP / #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Progressive International

The first day of the Kobani case has come to a close, and the defiance of the HDP is etched into history: proud resistance to Erdogan’s cruel and cowardly persecution.

Source: Twitter

David Adler, Progressive International

One thing that the Kobani case highlights is how trigger-happy Erdogan has become with political imprisonment as a solution to all of his problems. Just thousands and thousands of his political opponents trapped in isolation for tweets, speeches, and protests

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Srećko Horvat, Progressive International and DIEM25

Democracy is on trial in Turkey. Follow Progressive International and David Adler for updates about the so called “Kobani case” with 108 members of HDP charged by the Erdogan regime.

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Paavo Arhunmäki – Member of Parliament, Left Alliance

Turkey has begun a trial against the pro-Kurdish party HDP despite an international outcry. The HDP is the second-largest opposition party in the Turkish parliament. I stand in solidarity with the HDP as it faces systematic repression in Turkey. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon – Nous Sommes POUR!

Today begins the “Kobane trial”. 108 elected members of the HDP are accused of terrorism by Erdogan for having called to protest in support of those who fought against Daesh. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Sylvie Guillaume – Member of the European Parliament PS (Socialist Party of France)

This Monday April 26 begins in Turkey the Kobane trial. 108 members of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) are accused of terrorist crimes following a call to demonstrate in support of the city of Kobane in 2014. All my support for HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Anne Sophie Pelletier – Member of the European Parliament, La France Insoumise

Today begins the “Kobane trial”. Solidarity with HDP which faces a systemic repression! #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Leïla Chaibi – Member of the European Parliament La France Insoumise

Today, the “Kobane trial” begins in Ankara: 108 HDP leaders are accused of terrorism following a call to demonstrate in support of the Kurds who were fighting against Daesh. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Guillaume Gontard – Senator, The Left Union

Kobane trial begins in Turkey. 108 members of the HDP Peoples’ Democratic Party are accused of terrorist crimes following a call to demonstrate in support of the city of Kobane in 2014. Support for HDP #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Sonia Krimi – Member of Parliament, La République en Marche

Today in Ankara begins the trial of 108 leaders of the HDP party, arbitrarily imprisoned for having called for rallies in solidarity with the Kurdish fighters in Kobanê against Daesh, in 2014.

I want to express my support to them and strongly denounce the intimidation, false accusations and arbitrary imprisonments of which they have been victims for several years. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Claude Gruffat – Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA

Today is the Kobanê trial where more than 100 elected HDP officials are accused of terrorism following a call to demonstrate in support of the Kurds who resisted against Daesh. All my support for HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Die Linke. – The Left of Germany

108 politicians, including those of the HDP, are on trial in Ankara. Erdogan accuses them of terrorism because they supported the protests against ISIS. We stand in solidarity with the HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Susanne Hennig-Wellsow – Co-Chair of The Left (Die Linke.)

The so-called Kobane process in Turkey against 106 politicians and the former HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yüksedag is a flawless show trial. The federal government knows this very well and with its reluctance it is again stabbing the democratic opposition. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Jamila Schäfer – Deputy Federal Chairwoman of the Greens

Right now we are at the side of our sister party, the HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

SPD – Social Democratic Party of Germany

We stand at the side of our sister party HDP in the fight for the rule of law in Turkey! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Andrej Hunko, MP, The Left (Die Linke.)
Solidarity with the HDP – against the criminalisation of the Kobane resistance!
(…) At this time, people everywhere were demonstrating against the IS attack on the city of Kobani and against the Turkish regime’s continued support for IS. For years, the HDP has been calling for a parliamentary enquiry to shed light on what led to the violence at the demonstrations, but President Erdoğan’s ruling AKP has always refused.(…)
For the full statement click here

Ulla Jelpke – Member of the German Parliament- The Left (Die Linke.)

A show trial of 108 members of the left opposition party HDP begins today in Ankara for protesting against the Turkish-backed ISIS attack on Kobani in October 2014. My solidarity belongs to the HDP! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Frank Schwabe – Member of the German Parliament, S&D

The so-called Kobane trial starts today in Ankara. This will further increase the pressure on the opposition HDP. Selahattin Demirtas is among the defendants. The ECHR has already ruled in its case: Demirtas must be released! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Özlem Alev Demirel – Member of the European Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.)

Do you remember how Kurds and progressive forces were celebrated around the world to successfully defend Kobani against IS barbarians? A show trial of 108 HDP members begins today in Turkey because they protested against support for the barbarians. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Sergey Lagodinsky – Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA

While today in European Parliament we discussed the infamous sofa gate visit of EU leaders to Ankara, the Kobani Trial has started in Turkey. A trial against 108 people who merely protested against violence. I call for the release of all political prisoners!  #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Gökay Akbulut – Member of the German Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.)

The start of the “Kobanê trial”: 108 politicians are accused of terrorist offenses for political reasons, although they, like us, had openly opposed ISIS. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Michael Roth – Member of the German Parliament, SPD

The trial of over 100 members of the opposition started today in Ankara HDP, including Selahattin Demirtas. He has been in custody for over four years. The ECHR has ordered his release. Turkey as a member of the Council of Europe must comply with this immediately.

Source: Twitter

Terry Reintke, MEP, Greenns/EFA

Today, 108 people have been charged in show trials in Turkey – among them Selahattin Demirtas. It is yet another attempt to intimidate and silence the opposition in Turkey. We stand in solidarity with everyone who is fighting for democracy and pluralism.


Source: Twitter

Zaklin Nastic – Member of the German Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.)

We, on the left, take a clear stand against the criminalization of the Kobanê resistance. Our solidarity goes to the HDP. It cannot be accepted that the federal government still sees Erdogan as an ally & continues to deliver weapons to Turkey. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Berivan Aymaz – Gruene Fraktion

During these hours the so-called Kobane trial is running in Ankara. 108 politicians, including those of the HDP, are on trial. In October 2014, they protested against the Turkey-backed ISIS attack on Kobanê. Let’s raise our voices: #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Cornelia Möhring – Member of the German Parliament, Fraktionsvize The Left (Die Linke.)

A show trial of 108 members of the left opposition party HDP begins today in Ankara for protesting against the Turkish-backed ISIS attack on Kobani in October 2014. My solidarity belongs to the HDP! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Jens Geier – Member of the European Parliament, SPD

In 2014, Selahattin Demirtas and others protested against the Turkish inaction during the IS siege of the city of Kobane. Now the former chairman of the HDP is on trial in Ankara. The S&D Group are watching the process. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Doris Achelwilm – Member of Bremen Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.)

The show trial of 108 members of the HDP, who protested against the Turkey-supported ISIS attack on Kobani in 2014, begins today in Ankara. Solidarity with Selahattin Demirtaş, Figen Yüksekdağ + everyone else! #DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Martina Michels – Member of the European Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.) Spokesperson

108 politicians are on trial in Ankara today, including some HDP representatives, the former co-chairs Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtaş. We stand in solidarity with the HDP. #DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Cansu Özdemir – Member of Hamburg Parliament, The Left (Die Linke.)

As a continuation of the systematic repression against the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), the main trial of Kobani against 108 people will begin today, April 26th. Solidarity with Kobani is not a crime. #DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Rico Gebhardt – German political for The Left (Die Linke.)

I wish the same media attention for the persecuted deputies of HDP in the Turkey as for individual opposition politician in Russia. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Agnieszka Brugger – Member of the German Parliament Greens

Such a fundamental attack on the opposition is always an attack on democracy as a whole. We stand by the side of HDP.  #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter


Rania Svigkou, Political Secretariat of SYRIZA – Sector of International and European Affairs

Press release of the Sector of International and European Affairs of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance on the start of the trial of 108 executives of the «People’s Democratic Party» (HDP) #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

SYRIZA – the Sector of International and European Affairs of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance

Progressive Alliance joins the voices of the democratic and progressive citizens of Turkey and Europe, but also a number of European political forces, such as the Party of the European Left, the Party of European Socialists, the European Green Party and the European Free Alliance; expressing solidarity and support for the HDP and all the progressive, democratic forces of Turkey fighting for democracy, the rule of law, the political and social rights of men and women in Turkey.

For the full statement click on


MEP Massimiliano Smeriglio – (S&D)

The “Kobanî trial” against HDP members begins in Turkey accused of terrorism for protests six years ago. It is an anti-democratic act by Ankara against the oppositions to the regime. Let us be vigilant about the trial that wants to silence the voice of the Kurdish people.

#DefendKobani & #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Amedeo Ciaccheri – President of District 6 Rome

Today in Ankara the trial of Demirtas and 108 other HDP members. Let’s act for the future of democracy and freedom of the Peoples!

#SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

MEP Brando Benifei – (S&D)

I am at Sincan prison in Ankara together with my colleague Evin Incir and Kurdish parliamentarians like Feleknas Uca as an international observer to the Kobane Process. It is a duty to be here, we cannot abandon those who are fighting for democracy and human rights. #KobaneDavası

Source: Twitter

MEP Rosa D’Amato – Greens/EFA

Solidarity with the 108 citizens charged for protests against the ISIS attack on Kobane in 2014. A trial in line with the systematic repression of pluralism. We owe a lot to the resisters while Turkey criminalises them.

#SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

MEP Pierfrancesco Majorino – (S&D)

A political trial of 108 people opens today in Ankara. They face life imprisonment for “disturbing the unity of the state” by organising protests against the ISIS attack on Kobane in 2014. Protests in which Turkish security forces killed 37 people. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

MP Erasmo Palazatto – Italian Left (Sinistra)

The specious trial of 108 representatives of the Peoples’ Democratic Party opens today in Ankara. They are guilty of defending the Kurdish people, which is intolerable for the Erdogan regime. Solidarity, support for HPD. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Maurizio Acerbo – Political for Communist Refoundation Party

Solidarity with HDP. Today begins Kobani Trial in Turkey against HDP. Defend Kobani. 108 HDP militants are on trial for demonstrating in 2014 for Kobane besieged by ISIS cutthroats supported by Erdogan. Solidarity and indignation from Italy

Source: Twitter

MP Lia Quartapelle – Deputati PD (Democratic Party)

Erdogan’s Turkey takes every step to silence the opposition. Today, the Kobani trial against 108 members of the HDP opposition began in Ankara. Thanks to Benifei Brando for bringing the solidarity of the Democratic Party (PD) to the defendants. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter


Chris Hazzard – MP of United Kingdom – Irish Unity

The international community must do more to stop the mass internment of Turkey’s People’s Democracy Party (HDP) and help resist Erdogan’s brutal repression of Kurds, Women, LGBT, Trade Unionists & Socialists #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Paul Gavan, Senator – Sinn Féin

#DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Durban Fertl – The Left EU

The Kobani Case is a political charade to silence the HDP & crush Turkey’s opposition, but the dictatorship overplayed its hand. The oppression, blatant abuse of procedure & strong defiance of the political prisoners are having the opposite effect. #StandWithHDP – #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Déi Lénk – The Left of Luxembourg

Today, a political trial is underway in Turkey against the leaders of the HDP (People’s Democratic Party) under the authoritarian regime of Erdogan. Déi Lénk expresses its solidarity with the opposition. #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

PSM stands in solidarity with HDP against the trial of the 108 members of the HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP / #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Choo Chon Kai – Political Activist

Solidarity with the Peoples’ Democratic Party and Defend Democracy in Turkey. #DefendKobani


Arnout Hoekstra – General Secretary of SP Netherlands

This is in response to the Kobani trial in which 108 members of the Turkish-Kurdish HDP are on trial for political reasons, demanding years of imprisonment against them. Two former party leaders, Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksedag, have been in custody for several years.

In this way, the Edogan government hopes to quell political opposition. Not only left-wing parties but also international human rights organizations speak shame about this. Calls are being made all over Europe on Monday for the release of the HDP prisoners and an end to this politically motivated process. Join us!

Source: Twitter

Kati Piri MP – PvdA Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs

Today, 108 HDP politicians are facing lifetime prison in Turkey. The ‘Kobane trial’ is another attempt to break the country’s third biggest party. Solidarity with HDP.

Source: Twitter


Party of Labouring Masses / Partido Lakas ng Masa

Solidarity with People’s Democratic Party (HDP) against the dictatorship of Turkey President Erdogan. 

Source: Twitter


Ross Greer, MP, Scottish Greens

The Scottish Greens stand in solidarity with our friends in the HDP. 108 HDP members go on trial in Turkey today for the ‘crime’ of rallying in support of the people of Kobane when that town was under ISIS siege #KobaniTrial

Source: Twitter

Alyn Smith, MP, Scottish National Party Solidarity (SNP) Foreign Affairs Spokesperson
“This is the latest attack on the rule of law by a government which has repeatedly demonstrated its flagrant disregard for human rights. We condemn the illegal detention of opposition politicians in Turkey and the gross abuse of human rights that have been and continue to be committed by Erdogan’s government. The SNP has always stood for the defence of universal human rights, the rule of law and the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination. We urge the UK government to follow suit and condemn this latest attack on liberal democracy in Turkey.”

Chris Stephens, MP, Scottish National Party Solidarity (SNP)
A defendant, especially one who has been unjustly accused, has the right to a fair trial and legal representation – when this is no longer the case you have to question whether you are living in a democracy or a dictatorship. The continuing harassment of opposition politicians in Turkey must end and end now. We call upon the Turkish government to be transparent in its actions, to respect the right of opposition members to express their opinions without fear and intimidation and to support the correct implementation of the rule of law.”


MEP Nacho Sanchez Amor – The European Parliament’s (EP) Turkey rapporteur, (S&D)

We’re many following closely from EP the Kobani trial starting today against 108 individuals, including leading members of HDP & ex co-leaders Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yüksekdag. Criminalizing legitimate, democratic opposition is not the way. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

MEP Miguel Urbán Crespo – GUE/NGL

We join the international call #SolidarityWithHDP to denounce Erdogan and his dictatorial and misogynist policies. 108 comrades are facing impeachment today for simply being a democratic opposition #DefendKobani.

Source: Twitter

Madrid, Óscar Menéndez – Politician Turkey is in the midst of criminal proceedings against more than 100 politicians of the leftist HDP. One more step against democracy. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter


MEP Pernando Barrena – (GUE/NGL) EH Bildu European Parliament

We strongly denounce the macro-trial that the Turkish state has launched today against 108 members of the HDP. The Turkish government uses all the instruments at its disposal to nullify any force that could compromise its power! #SolidarityWithHDP / #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Iñigo Martínez Zatón – Basque Parliament

Today begins the trial against members of the HDP one of the main opposition parties in Turkey and of which more than 1000 members are in prison. That is Turkey to whom we have outsourced the external border of the EU. Shame! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Oihana Etxebarrieta Legrand – Basque Parliament, EH Bildu

That is why we demand the cancellation of this cooked trial from the beginning and we stand by the HDP and claim that we support its political project. #DefendKobani / #SolidaritywithHDP

Source: Twitter

Askapena – Basque National Liberation Movement

ADI! Fascist Erdogan wants to outlaw the HDP (People’s Democratic Party) in Kurdistan. In the face of illegalities, internationalist solidarity! Up internationalist struggle! #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter


Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Marta Rosiq & Max Zañartu

Esquerra ERC representatives Marta Rosiq & Max Zañartu visited Ankara (Turkey) today at the opening session of the trial against HDP members. Speaking head in silhouette “This is clearly a political trial to Cross mark criminalise the Kurdish movement. Europe cannot remain silent!

Source: Twitter

Eulàlia Reguant Cura – Catalan politician

On the first day of the Kobane case trial in Ankara, which affects MPs, mayors, HDP councillors and even 108 people, the violation of rights has been the constant. After challenging the judge and being ignored by him, all the lawyers have left the courtroom. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

MEP Carles Puigdemont – 130th President of Catalonia

All our support to the Kurdish people and to the 108 members of the HDP brought to trial by Erdogan’s autocracy for defeating the Islamic State in Kobani. The Spanish Government should be ashamed for its complicity with Turkish authorities. #DefendKobani #KobaniTrial

Source: Twitter

BComu Global – Barcelona in common

We stand together with the 108 individuals, among them leading representatives of the HDP, arrested by the Turkish Attorney General. The trial starts today. Don’t criminalise resistance in support of Kobani! #SolidarityWithHDP / #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Ana Miranda – BNG

Sharing with various international friendly forces such as ERC, EH Bildu and the CUP the international observation Kobani Case in solidarity with the HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

BNG – Bloque Nacionalista Galego

Our representative Ana Miranda is in Ankara, in solidarity with the 108 HDP defendants in the “Kobani case”. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Les Vertes Suisses – Grüne Schweiz (Greens Switzerland)

Today, in Ankara, the “Kobane trial” begins, indicting 108 people, including Figen Yuksekdag & Selahattin Demirtas and other elected members of the HDP. We stand in solidarity with HDP and condemn this repression by the Turkish state. #SolidarityWithHDP

Source: Twitter

SP Schweiz (Social Democrat Party of Switzerland)

We stand in solidarity with our sister party, the HDP, and demand a trial in Kobani that is in accordance with the rule of law. The repression against human rights activists and parliamentarians in Turkey must stop. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter


Malin Björk – Member of European Parliament, the Left Party

The trial of the imprisoned former party leaders Demirtaş and Yüksekdag begins today. HDP is a key player in democracy and Kurdish rights in Turkey. If Erdogan’s regime crushes the HDP, so will hopes for peace and democracy.

Source: Twitter

Nooshi Dadgostar, Member of Parliament – Leader of the Swedish Left Party

Turkey is becoming increasingly authoritarian. A trial against 108 people begins today. Among them are a number of members from Turkey’s third largest party, the Left Party HDP. Erdogan’s attempt to criminalize the HDP’s political work is a threat to democracy and now the outside world must react.

Source: Twitter

Håkan Svenneling, Member of Parliament – Swedish Left Party

Today the trials starts against the left party HDP in the so called Kobane-cases s in Ankara. The trials is a way for the regime to attack the opposition. We support HDP against this attacks! #SolidarityWithHDP  #DefendKobani

Source: Twitter

Ann Linde – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Sweden follows closely the trial in Turkey against representatives of HDP, including co-chair Buldan and former co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ. Crucial that elected officials can exercise their democratic mandates. Embassy present to monitor the trial.

Source: Twitter

Hanna Gunnarsson – Member of the Parliament for the Left Party, Defense Committee

The trial of a large number of opposition politicians in Turkey begins today, a trial without cause. The Left Party supports our sister party HDP. #SolidarityWithHDP 

Source: Twitter

Evin Incir – Member of the European Parliament, the Social Democrats

I am in Ankara, in support of our sister party HDP due to the fact that 108 of their leaders risk life in prison. The trial is expected to last for 2 weeks. Erdoğan’s attacks on opposition and national and religious minorities know no bounds. #StandWithHDP

Source: Twitter

Lotta Johnsson Fornarve, MP for the Left Party and deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament

The trial of 108 HDP politicians starts today in Turkey. The trial is a disgrace. These politicians have done nothing wrong. They have only done their job and criticised the Erdogan regime. Stand up for the HDP! Free all political prisoners in Turkey. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Yekbun Alp, second vice chair of the International Left Forum

The resistance in Kobane was a struggle for humanity and a struggle against IS. It’s not criminal! Support for the HDP is support for peace and democratization in Turkey. #SolidarityWithHDP /  #DefendKobani

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MP Ilona Szatmári Waldau and others Members of the Left Party in Uppsala

The Left Party in Uppsala show solidarity with the HDP and against Erdoğan’s attempts to criminalize Kobane’s resistance via a video message. #SolidarityWithHDP

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Yasmine Posio, Member of Parliament – Swedish Left Party

All support for the HDP, the party that stands up for democracy and equality, has long been threatened by Erdogan. Many of their politicians have been imprisoned and face life imprisonment precisely because they want a society for all.

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Per Markus, Chairperson of the Left Party Uppsala Regional

One of the most important issues I work on as district chairman is the freedom of the Kurds. The repression of Kurdistan is one of the worst crimes of our time, and Erdogan’s fascist regime is allowed to get away with it.

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Kadir Kasirga, Opposition Mayor of Stockholm

Today in Turkey a trial against our sister party HDP (People’s Democratic Party) is starting. The indictment is about the solidarity protests with Kobane when the terrorist sect IS/Daesh in 2014 attacked the city. During these protests 37 people lost their lives. The Erdogan regime classified the protests against IS/Daesh as an act of terrorism. After the protests and when Kobane was liberated from the IS/Daesh terrorist sect, a campaign of persecution was launched against the HDP, which is Turkey’s third largest party and has over 6 million voters. There are 108 people on trial and among them are elected parliamentarians, mayors and the party’s former co-chairs Selahaddin Demirtas and Figen Yüksekdag. Today I stand in solidarity with the HDP and call for the freedom of all political prisoners in Turkey. We must never be silenced in the face of injustice, oppression and persecution. #SolidarityWithHDP

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Jon Thorbjörnson – Member of Parliament, the Left Party

Stop Erdogan’s political trials. Support HDP – an important democratic force in Turkey. #SolidarityWithHDP 

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Amineh Kakabaveh, MP

108 HDP elected politicians are facing Turkish court in Kobane cases – only because HDP members and elected officials just like millions of other people in the world participated in demonstrations against Daesh/Isis when Isis attacked Kobane in Rojava. In Erdoğan’s Turkey it is a crime to protest against Isis/Daesh horrific atrocities. The Swedish government has so far only bugged for Erdogan. It is time for Sweden to demand the release of all political prisoners and all 5000 members and elected politicians of the HDP!

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Unite International

On April 26th, 108 people incl HDP politicians will go on trial in Turkey for OPPOSING the 2014 ISIS attacks in Kobani on the Syria/Turkey border. Why is UK gov so close to a gov that prosecutes those who oppose ISIS? #DefendKobani #SolidarityWithHDP

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Christine Blower, Baroness Blower – Member of House of Lords

“We women make up more than half the world population yet we remain suppressed, by virtue of being women. The HDP have shown us how the struggle to assert our rights can be conducted.”

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MP Feryal Clark – Labour Party

I stand in solidarity with all opposition MPs involved in the unjust and undemocratic Kobani trials.

The UK Government must do more to call out the Turkish state on their lack of respect for human rights, free speech and the rule of law. #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobani

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Steve Sweeney – Journalist of Morning Star

This is a decent and detailed summary of proceedings in the first day of the so-called Kobane case – a political show trial aimed at shutting down Turkey’s opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). #SolidarityWithHDP #DefendKobane

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Stephen Knight – Peace in Kurdistan

“The HDP is the only opposition party in Turkey against Neo-Ottomanism and it’s the only alternative to Turkey’s descent into fascism. It’s voice for all the Peoples, Women and LGBT. “

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Janet Biehl – Author, translator, illustrator

Defending Kobani is not a crime! Solidarity with HDP from Vermont, USA. #SolidarityWithHDP  #DefendKobani

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Debbie Bookchin, Journalist, author, and coeditor of The Next Revolution

At Defend Rojava we’ve made a video in support of HDP, the 3d largest party in Turkey, representing the voices of over 6 million voters. Turkey has imprisoned more than 10,000 HDP officials/members & now placed 108 on trial. Defend democracy – defend the HPD! #SolidarityWithHDP

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Emergency Committee for Rojava
We stand in solidarity with all HDP members facing trial in Turkey in the #KobaniCase. #FreeThemAll!
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