HDP statement on Palestine: Solution lies in negotiation, not in war

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar have released a written statement about Israel’s attacks on al-Aqsa in East Jerusalem and the current situation in the region.

Making a “call for dialogue”, HDP Co-Chairs Buldan and Sancar have stated, “Despite the calls of the international community and international organizations to reduce the tension and to end violence against civilians, the State of Israel has not stopped its attacks.”

Citing the latest statement made by the Health Ministry of Palestine, the HDP Co-Chairs have noted that 28 Palestinians, including 10 children, have been massacred and 128 people have been wounded.

“We once again condemn these attacks; we extend our condolences to the people of Palestine and to the relatives of the ones who have lost their lives,” the statement has read further, briefly adding:

‘It is against the law’

“As if it was not bad enough that the people of Palestine have been subjected to the policies of displacement for decades, they continue to be targeted by the systematic state violence, which is in violation of both humanitarian law and the international law.

“The fact that the parties shoot by targeting civilian places of residence indicates that there is an effort to turn the tension in the region into a war. For this reason, we declare that we are against all types of attacks targeting the peoples in the region, regardless of their faith or ethnic identity.

“We call on the parties to immediately end the attacks targeting civilians. The solution to the historical and current problems between the peoples and faiths in the Middle East lies in diplomacy, dialogue and negotiation, not in conflict and war.

Call to the United Nations

“It is a great richness that all peoples of different ethnic identities and faiths live together in equal conditions in the Middle East.

“This truth is valid for not only the lands of Israel and Palestine, but for Syria, Iraq and Turkey as well. There is nothing legitimate or righteous about any state violence targeting the peoples.

“In order to prevent the conflict in the region from escalating further, we call on the international community, institutions and organizations, primarily the United Nations (UN), to fulfill their duty so that the environment of violence and conflict will come to an end immediately.” 

Source: bianet.org