HDP: We salute the Rojava Revolution in its 9th year!

Statement by Peoples’ Democratic Party Central Executive Board

The revolution that started in Rojava on 19 July 2012 was a major turning point in the history of the Middle East, Syria and Kurdistan, and is still impacting on developments in the region. The Baath regime, which, since the first years of its establishment, has suppressed the equality, freedom, and democratic demands of the peoples of the region – especially of the Kurdish people – with oppression, violence, and massacre, was defeated by the uprising and revolution that emerged in 2012. And the course of history was thus changed.

Syria has now undergone over ten years of civil war, starting in 2011. During these ten years, the peoples of Syria have paid a great price. In this process, neither the Assad regime, which usurps and denies all kinds of democratic and fundamental rights of the Kurdish people and the other peoples of the region, nor the jihadists, who have used all kinds of inhumane practices against other peoples, could offer a new model of coexistence that would ensure the peace of the peoples of the region.

On 19 July 2012, the Kurdish people and the peoples of Northern Syria laid the foundations for a third way that ensures their right to self-determination beyond both the authoritarian and monolithic position of the Assad regime and the inhumane practices of the jihadists. The impacts if this new social model, which has been built on principles of equality and democracy, the freedom of women, different peoples, religious beliefs and youth, went well beyond Rojava and created a new hope for all the peoples of Syria.

The Rojava Revolution has made an egalitarian life and coexistence possible not only for the Kurds, but also for the Arab, Turkoman, Assyrian, and Armenian peoples. That is why it is a revolution of peoples, women, different beliefs, and youth. Due to the alternative ‘new life’ character of the revolution, it has been exposed to attacks, invasion attempts, and blockades by the Assad regime, by the jihadists, and by the Erdoğan regime and its regional partners.

These attacks were to suppress the revolution. Jihadist groups have occupied Afrîn, Serêkanî and Girêspî with the consent and encouragement of imperialist and regional powers. Thousands of people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands displaced. Crimes against humanity have been committed in engineering attempts to change the demographic structure of the region. The natural riches and historical assets have been plundered.

On its 9th anniversary, we salute the Rojava revolution, which has shown all the peoples of the world that a third way is possible in the region. The Rojava Revolution is an important historical experience, whose achievements need to be preserved and consolidated as an inspiration for the peoples of the Middle East. Celebrating this revolution is a historical responsibility, not only for the Kurdish people and the peoples of Northern Syria, but for all peoples of the world. We will continue to be in solidarity with the Kurdish people and the other peoples of Syria who are fighting for freedom, equality and democracy against war.