“Conference on Democracy and Freedom” for a democratic Turkey

As HDP Europe, we would like to share the final declaration of the “Conference on Democracy and Freedom” (5-6th of March), which was held in Berlin, Germany. 

The HDP supports this conference, which is largely supported by the participation of spokespersons from many political parties, NGOs, journalists, authors, intellectuals, academics and many representatives of oppositional groups. 

“(..) All participants of the Democracy and Freedom Conference, demonstrated the urgent need for solidarity as well as the determination to struggle together. In the words of a “mother of peace”, an approach in which hatred did not grow despite all the persecution, and on the contrary, an unprecedented empathy dominated the conference.

The conference ended with the hope of continuation of the unity and solidarity climate created during the weekend, the alliance established and the joint struggle. Conference decided to underline the determination to work together not only until the end of the oppression, but until the day democratic Turkey and social peace environment that everyone longs for is established. (..)”

The complete and final declaration of the “Conference for Democracy and Freedom” can be found under following link.

The held program of the conference can be found under following link.

The call of the conference in Turkish, Kurdish, English and German language can be found under following link.