Peace in Kurdistan: Interview with Leyla Güven’s lawyer

Leyla Güven is HDP MP for Hakkari, co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress and former mayor of the municipality of Viranşehir in the Şanlıurfa Province of Southeast Anatolia of Turkey, where she represented the former Democratic Society Party 11 January 2021 Interview translated from T24 Your client Leyla Güven was sentenced to 22 years and […]

Coordination for Monitoring Hunger Strikes: Isolation must end immediately

The “Hunger Strikes Monitoring Coordination” established by IHD, TTB, ÖHD, HRFT and ÇHD stated that the isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and abuses in prisons should be ended. The “Hunger strike Monitoring Coordination” established by the Human Rights Association (İHD), Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Free Lawyers Association (ÖHD), Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) held […]

79 journalists detained, 24 jailed in Turkey in 2020

Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) released its 2020 Report on Violations Against Journalists at a press conference held at the association building in Amed (Diyarbakır). According to the report, 79 journalists were detained, 24 journalists were jailed, 19 journalists were attacked, and 1960 news articles were blocked during 2020. DFG co-chair Dicle Müftüoğlu, who defined […]

HDP report says 20 million people live under poverty line

The Economy Commission of the HDP has presented the “Poverty Report”. The report was presented in a press conference at the Parliament, joined by HDP Diyarbakır MP and HDP deputy co-chair responsible for the commission Garo Paylan and HDP MPs Erol Katırcıoğlu, Necdet İpekyüz and Serpil Kemalbay. The commission’s report revealed that 60 percent of […]