HDP – Condamnation of the attacks of Paris

We condemn the massacres in Paris …
We are unfortunately witnessing, once again, the escalation in recent months of Daesh’s attacks against civilians and their severe consequences.
We condemn and denounce with all our strength yesterday’s attacks in Paris and the day before in Beirut, and deeply share the suffering of the peoples of France and Lebanon.
From Beirut to Reyhanlı, from Suruç to Paris, from Baghdad to Kobanê, from Tunis to Ankara, all those who have been victims of the repeated attacks against humanity of Daesh, the hundreds of people who have been exposed, on a vast territory, to this murderous and growing madness, have made us aware that we must mobilize against the threat of groups like Daesh and similar structures.
It is of extreme importance, for the protection of democracy and freedom, to develop measures that halt this logic of mass destruction. The fact that these structures are able to take action so easily in Turkey and in Europe is also the responsibility of the states supporting these structures.
The People’s Democratic Party fully shares the suffering of the peoples of France and Lebanon and will continue tirelessly to express solidarity with them.
We would like, once again, to express our sincere and deep condolences to the communities that have been exposed to these massacres.