“Nobody can ban the HDP”, say the party’s co-chairs

Pervin Buldan, co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), commented on the demand of the extreme right-wing ultra-nationalist Devlet Bahçeli (MHP) to ban her party: “Nobody has the power to close the HDP.”

MHP chairman Devlet Bahçeli described the HDP as a “structure of hatred and betrayal” that is hidden behind democracy, freedom and human rights: “The HDP is a terror problem, a separatist nest, an incendiary bunch and a wicked weapon against our democratic security.”

Commenting of this verbal show of hatred by the MHP chair, HDP co-chair Pervin Buldan said: “Actually, we don’t really have the need to answer it. However, this expectation exists in the population. So I want to make it clear that nobody has the strength to close the HDP.”

The aggressive stance of the MHP chair is an indication of the existing conflicts within the governing coalition, explained the HDP co-chair, and added: “The statement by Devlet Bahçeli clearly indicates that there is a split, a rift in the coalition. Bahçeli actually wants to send a message to the AKP using the HDP. He apparently attacks the HDP and Selahattin Demirtaş, but in our opinion this is an indication of an internal conflict. That is why we advise you to refrain from attacking the HDP and Demirtaş and rather to solve the problems among yourselves.”

The MHP has no social base and has only moved into parliament because it clung to the AKP, said Buldan and added: “A party that does not even have enough MPs for a parliamentary group on its own should not presume to tackle the third largest party in Turkey . Anyone who has something to say about the HDP should first take off their hat and think fifty times before talking about us and Selahattin Demirtaş. What successes has the HDP had lately? What can you change with which strategic approach? Whom can it cause losses? What is the HDP and who is Demirtaş? What is their social base? What happened in the last election? Before you open your mouth, you should think about it.”

According to Pervin Buldan, the latest attacks by the MHP at various levels are related to the good performance of her party. “We know that the aggression results from the fact that the HDP does not allow itself to be brought to its knees despite massive repression and countless arrests. Therefore both the HDP and Demirtaş are attacked.”

Mithat Sancar: We trust the people

Mithat Sancar, the other co-chair of the party, also sees no reason to enter into the discussion about a ban on the HDP: “The judiciary is in the hands of the government. The closure of our party is beyond our control. The government initiates proceedings whenever it wants. We have extensive experience with all forms of legal extermination operations. We won’t let that stop us, we will continue on our way.”

From the political and social opposition, Sancar demands a common stance against the “mafia-like approach” of the AKP and MHP. “We trust the people, our struggle, our determination and our rights. In this country, the HDP is the party with the most stable base.”

Anyone who believes in a split in the HDP will be deluded, said Sancar. “Our worst poll is at 11.5 percent. Our people know us well.”