Co-Chair Pervin Buldan: HDP pursues the Third Way

HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan commented on speculation about possible electoral alliances during the public part of her party’s parliamentary group meeting in Ankara. In this context, she referred to a meeting with the provincial leaders of the HDP, in which the current developments in Turkey and the imminent party ban were discussed: “We have decided once again that we will not retreat a meter on this difficult path despite all repression and obstacles and will free Turkey from darkness. With its program, its principles and its ideas of a free and equal life, the HDP shows that there are alternatives, that society is not helpless and that there is always the possibility of change.”

Regarding the “third way policy”, Pervin Buldan said: “Those who do not know the HDP well enough, or do not want to know it well enough, immediately assume an electoral alliance when we talk about the third way. No, an electoral alliance is not on our agenda at the moment. Of course, our party committees will discuss it when the time comes. At the moment, however, we are not concerned with an electoral alliance, but with a broad democracy alliance. Turkey today is on the verge of collapse. The HDP’s policy is to put an end to the totalitarian and populist instruments of power and the institutionalization of the one-man regime and fascism, and to create a democratic change on the side of peoples, women, nature, different faith communities, working people and all identity groups.

To this end, we proceed together with all social and oppositional groups. Together with the forces for labor, peace and democracy, with intellectuals, artists and all people with a conscience, we develop solutions and resist. The third way denotes the democratic public outside the ruling and exploitative forces. It designates the totality of the oppressed and does not adopt the way of the classical opposition. It does not think in the short term, preserves its principles in the struggle for democracy and freedom, acts flexibly and thus achieves great effect, as was also evident in the last elections. The Third Way represents the peoples and the marginalized and stands for an ecological and revolutionary attitude, pushing the state to respect democratic standards. The struggles of youth and women are included in this.

For us as the HDP, it is important to enter into strategic alliances with all those who stand for the brotherhood of peoples and equal coexistence. This is the essence of our strategic stance on Turkey. With this conviction, we are resolutely resisting and taking the initiative for a democratic future for the peoples of Turkey. We are fighting together for a democratic life. No one should doubt that we will emerge from this difficult period stronger and greater. Those who turn to the HDP see light and good times, see a new life. This gives courage and hope for the future.”