A letter Campaing: Freedom will not be limited to prison walls

Solidarity makes us stronger.. As Nietzsche said: “A letter is an unannounced visit.”

HDP Europe launches a letter campaign which are to be sent to Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) political prisoners (hostages) in Turkey.

You can make an unannounced visit to our detainees in Turkey’s prisons.

Under Erdogan’s regime, anyone who disagrees with his views is imprisoned and turned into a hostage; politicians, MPs, municipal co-chairs, journalists, academics, women’s rights advocates, youths, university students, writers and rtists. The regime does this by creating a climate of fear within the entire society.

More than 10,000 HDP individuals have been jailed since 2016 and more than 4,000 are still behind bars. As HDP, we say our friends are not prisoners, but political hostages. In spite of the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, the Erdogan regime keeps them in prison. Our municipal co-chairs, parliamentarians, administrators, female councillors, members of the youth organisation and all other members are held captive not because they commit crimes, but because they are organising a society based on democratic, ecological and women’s freedom in Turkey. Now, as comrades and friends, we will launch a campaign to show our solidarity with them.

We are firmly convinced that the ‘limits of freedom will not be limited to prison walls!’

If somebody writes a letter to our friends in Turkish prisons, they will make a significant contribution in the name of solidarity.

In addition to the 4000 HDP members, there are thousands of other political prisoners. Show your support and solidarity for a democratic Turkey, where we all hope to find freedom.

Whether you are an elected parliamentarian, a representative of a political party, a mayor, an academic or you believe in freedom write a letter to show solidarity with the prisoners.

Below you will find the prison addresses of 40 imprisoned HDP politicians (20 women and 20 men who have an elected mandate, which we have selected among the more than 4,000 imprisoned HDP members) to whom you can write a letter.

Following individuals are systematically detained and imprisoned on the basis of the regime’s wishes without any legal basis, despite rulings of ECtHR. Furthermore, Turkey’s government has denied to apply any rulings of ECtHR so far.

You can choose a pen friend from the list.