Solidarity statement from Norway for HDP against Erdogan’s repressions

By HDP Europe

On 12th March, the HDP Europe participated in the national meeting of the Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan, which was organized via webinar. During one part, the topic: “Erdogan’s war against HDP and Kurds in Turkey” was discussed. In this webinar, there were representatives of the 4 political parties: Workers’ Party, Red Party, Left Socialist Party and Green Party.

In the webinar the European representative of HDP’s, Devriş Çimen, informed about the long-lasting oppression and regular war upon the Kurds in Turkey from the Erdogan regime, including the ongoing process to criminate the third biggest party in the country. He also informed about the widespread use of emergency conditions in the Kurdish dominate South East part of Turkey, where ten thousands of HDP activists and leaders have been taken into custody and also jailed since 2015, as well of most of their co-mayors being replaced with trustees from Ankara appointed by the regime.

In addition to the members of the Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan, the following representatives were present at the meeting to express their solidarity with the HDP:

  • Mani Hussaini, MP from the Labor Party
  • Truls Drevland Lund, MP from the Red Party
  • Oda Sofie Heien, head of the International Department Socialist Left Party
  • Carl Johansen, international spokesman for the Green Party
  • Arnljot Ask & Truls Offerdal, co-leaders of the Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan

The representative of the ruling party in Norway (Labor Party) and the other three parties expressed their joint support against the violation of international laws by Turkey. The repressions against HDP and human rights violations in Turkey were condemned by the participants. Furthermore, they pledged their support for the Kurds’ struggle for their legitimate rights and promised to examine in their parliamentary groups how to strengthen their solidarity and relations with the HDP.

On March 13, the Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan released a statement describing the ongoing war against the Kurds in Turkey since 2015, and in particular the repression against the HDP.

Furthermore, the statement says: “Since Erdogan is at risk of losing the coming parliamentary and presidential election, which must take place before the summer of 2023, he has started a process aimed at dissolving HDP as a party and banning several hundred representatives and activists from being involved in politics, in addition to potential jail sentences.” 

The Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan, urge representatives of the Norwegian state, including the government, members of parliament and parliamentary parties, to increase pressure towards Erdogan in order to stop this war. They must demand an end to the extensive attacks on the rule of law, freedom of speech and freedom of organization and assembly, in accordance with international laws and conventions signed by Turkey.

The Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Kurdistan calls on “civil society, solidarity and human rights organizations, local governments and municipalities, unions, women’s rights organizations, parties and youth parties to establish and strengthen contacts with HDP and civil society in the Kurdish areas.”