HDP MP Mr Garo Paylan suspended from Parliament for 3 Days

Mr Garo Paylan, an ethnically Armenian HDP MP for Istanbul, delivered a speech at the parliament during the talks on Constitutional amendments on 14 January 2017. In his speech Mr. Paylan stressed the importance of pluralism in the making of constitutions, citing examples from the late Ottoman period. Stating that chaos begins when pluralism at […]

HDP's Statement regarding ongoing police raids

Following the bomb attack this weekend in Istanbul, the Minister of Interior said ‘we will avenge’ the strike, and today the long-ongoing crackdown against our party has accelerated. In Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Mersin, Adana, Antep, Urfa, Hakkâri and Manisa, 216 party executives and members were detained in the early morning through raids on their houses. […]

List of jails – HDP's Deputies

Edirne F Tipi – Edirne F Type Prison Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş – Co-chair of HDP and MP for Istanbul Mr. Abdullah Zeydan – MP for Hakkari Silivri 9 Nolu – Silivri Prison No:9 / İstanbul  Ms. Leyla Birlik – MP for Şırnak Ms. Nursel Aydoğan – MP for Diyarbakır Selma Irmak – MP for Hakkari Sebahat Tuncel – Co-chair of […]

HDP's Statement on unlawful crackdown on Kurdish municipalities

Twelve municipalities in Diyarbakır are ordered to follow a new regulation that requires them to conduct many municipal activities with pre-authorization by district governors. The Turkish government’s unlawful crackdown on Kurdish municipalities continues. In addition to the arrest of about 40 co-mayors and the “trustees” appointed to 38 municipalities, 12 district municipalities in Diyarbakır are […]

HDP's Central Executive Board doesn't recognize the appointment of a trustee to run Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality

There is another step taken by the Turkish government, who has normalized arbitrary, unlawful and anti-democratic practices. Passing over the political will of the people of Diyarbakir, the AKP government arrested the city’s co-mayors Ms Gültan Kışanak and Mr Fırat Anlı, who had been democratically elected by the votes of hundreds of thousands of people, […]

Peoples’ Democratic Party Central Executive Board's statement – A ‘state of obeyers’ is being constructed

A ‘state of obeyers’ is being constructed On 29 October 2016 the Erdoğan-AKP government issued Decrees No 675-676 with the Power of Law in the framework of the State of Emergency. Some of the immediate and concrete results of these decrees are as follows: 10 thousand 159 teachers, health workers, academicians, ministry employees, public employees […]

HDP denounces closure of Kurdish media in Europe and Turkey

The French group Eutelsat ended, on October 3, 2016, the broadcasting of Kurdish television channel Med NUCE, created in 2013, because of an outrageous and illegal decision dictated by Turkey. The process used by Eutelsat to stop the broadcasting of the Kurdish television channel is similar to the repressive and arbitrary measures taken currently by […]

HDP's statement on the coup attempt

In this challenging and critical days which Turkey goes through, whatever its reason might be, no one should put himself in the place of the people’s will. The HDP is opposed to any kind of coup under any circumstances and as a principle. Turkey immediately needs to embrace a pluralist and liberal democracy, domestic and […]

HDP denounces military, but also civilian coup

This July 15, 2016, Turkey faced a coup attempted that was quickly controlled, but nevertheless left 265 dead and about 1440 injured. At the same time, about 8,000 police officers and soldiers have been detained, and more than 7,000 civil servants, including a considerable number of judges and prosecutors, have been dismissed. This failed military […]

Urgent Call of the HDP for Devastating War in Lice

President Erdoğan and AKP government’s politics of war in the Kurdish provinces of the country since July 2015 have reached alarming proportions. Unlawful round-the-clock curfews and military operations continue to harm the civilian population and ecology of the region. The heavy damage that last week’s forest fires and the so-called security measures inflicted on the […]

Eyyup Doru – Statement on the immunity lift

DEPUTIES PROTECT DEPUTIES: APPEAL TO BECOME A SPONSOR OF HDP DEPUTIES On May 20th, 2016, under extreme pressure of President Erdoğan, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) lifted the parliamentary immunity of 138 lawmakers through a provisional Constitutional amendment. The lifting of parliamentary immunities should be understood as a political coup which is also […]

Preliminary assesment on the lifting of parliamentary immunities in Turkey on may 20, 2016IN TURKEY ON MAY 20, 2016

May 21, 2016 HDP Foreign Affairs Commission On 20 May 2016, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) lifted the parliamentary immunity of 138 lawmakers through a provisional Constitutional amendment. This became possible with the joint efforts of an anti-Kurdish nationalist alliance formed among the ruling AKP and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The Republican […]