Political institutions visit – the Basque Country

Last May, a BDP-Europe delegation, led by Mr. Eyyup Doru, visited various political institutions and civil representatives in the Basque country.
They met the mayor of San Sebastian ( Donostia ), Juan Carlos Izagirre, member of the BILDU party.  Possibilities regarding future collaboration between the Basque city and the city of Van in eastern Turkey and several municipalities from the Basque country and the kurdish region of Turkey were discussed. Another meeting was also organized in order to meet several parties representing the Basque country, such as the PNV, the Basque socialists, the BILDU coalition as well as other smaller representations, including the Basque civil movement.
Later on, at the Basque parliament, Mr. Doru gave an official speech to the human rights, equality and civic participation commission. In approximately 20 minutes he explained the current situation regarding the Syrian kurds and the peace process. Underlining the fact that the autonomy the Syrian kurds managed to create amidst the chaotic situation was a strong symbol of democracy and multiethnic and religious tolerance in the region. He also called on the acknowledgment of the autonomous Syrian kurdish region, in order to help them with regards of economic embargos from Turkey and Syrian and the threat imposed by the Islamist groups that undermine their very existence with the help of Turkey. The fact being the kurds should should possess the same rights as another people for self determination and future independence.
Mr. Doru also spoke of regional con federalism which his party strongly supports, this idea would enable the decentralization of the nation state to obtain a more balanced regional situation.
Regarding the last local elections of March 30th 2014, Mr. Doru pointed out the fact that his party came out stronger and that the co-presidency system was put into practice in order to enable an equal amount of elected women and men.
He underlined the frailty of the bilateral peace process between Turkey and the PKK, as more military posts were being built in the kurdish area of Turkey, also suggesting that several political prisoners were still being held for dubious reasons.
The spokesmen of the several parties present gave their opinions and recommendations to Mr. Doru.
First, the BILDU representative strongly supported the latter’s demands.
The PNV spokesman underlined the importance for the Kurds for self determination and even independence.
The Basque socialists congratulated the BDP’s score at the last elections and its high percentage of women representatives.
The spokesman of the popular party found the idea of democratic con federalism laudable, though it expressed concern regarding the violence of the past.
Finally Mr. Doru, thanked the assembly and took some time to answer questions.